Entertainment  |  24 Aug 2023

Don Diablo unveils ground-breaking creation,world's first official music video created by artificial intelligence

MUMBAI  - Renowned artist and electronic music sensation, Don Diablo is set to rewrite the rulebook of the music industry once again with his late

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Entertainment  |  02 Aug 2021

Don Diablo & Galantis drop highly anticipated collaboration'Tears for later'

MUMBAI: Dutch stalwart Don Diablo and Swedish dance duo Galantis have finally dropped their long-awaited collaborative single ‘Tears For Later’ – o

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Entertainment  |  21 Jul 2021

Famba releases 'Games We Play' Ft. MKLA and Brando Via Sony Music Canada

\MUMBAI: Electronic DJ, producer, and artist Famba defines his signature dance sound with his latest musical collaboration, 'Games We Play,' releas

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Entertainment  |  26 Apr 2021

Don Diablo delivers third single from his 80s inspired pop band Camp Kubrick - 'Whatchu Do'

MUMBAI: Hot off the heels of ‘Falling For You’, 80s inspired pop band Camp Kubrick are back with ‘Whatchu Do’ - out now via HEXAGON.

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Entertainment  |  24 Mar 2021

Don Diablo's 80s inspired pop duo Camp Kubrick drop sophomore single 'Falling For You'

MUMBAI: Don Diablo and Denzel Chain are back with their sophomore single as 80s-inspired pop duo Camp Kubrick ‘Falling for You’ – out now on HEXAGO

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Entertainment  |  18 Mar 2021

Don Diablo unveils one-of-a-kind NFT Genesis piece | Holographic Crypto-Art

MUMBAI: Dutch visionary Don Diablo is set to make his mark on the crypto-art world with the unveiling of his ground-breaking NFT genesis piece.

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Entertainment  |  28 Nov 2020

Martin Jensen and Gaullin Fuse their globally adored sounds in new single 'So We Go' Ft. Katy Tiz

MUMBAI: Bursting with pop flavour, paired with dance sensibilities, Katy Tiz’s alluring vocal piece leads the listener into the mix, paving the way

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Entertainment  |  01 Sep 2020

Lastik Funk takes it dark to debut on Don Diablo's Hexagon with 'Push It' (inpetto edit)!

MUMBAI: Spanish-born, Germany-based Plastik Funk is a renegade within modern electronic dance music.

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Entertainment  |  23 Jul 2020

Yellow Claw to perform their only show of the summer at 'Arena Now'

MUMBAI: Felix Jaehn, Don Diablo and W&W have already performed at the German event concept operating in with a sophisticated use of space with

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Entertainment  |  19 Jun 2020

Don Diablo returns with heart-on-sleeve new single 'Thousand Faces'

MUMBAI: Dance music superstar Don Diablo continues his prolific start to 2020 with new single ‘Thousand Faces’, a deeply personal record that taps

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Entertainment  |  09 May 2020

ManyFew & Voost deliver good vibes with 'Off My Mind'

MUMBAI: Swedish production duo ManyFew have spent the past few years creating a league of their own with their catchy, feel-good blend of piano hou

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