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Biz  |  17 Mar 2021

Online radio community boxout.fm announces RJ hunt as part of global campaign, 'Music Takes Us Further'

MUMBAI: Online radio community boxout.fm was launched in 2017 and has over the years become the key platform through which alternative talent and g

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Biz  |  21 Aug 2010

82 community radio stations operational till 31 July

NEW DELHI: A total of 82 community radio stations have become operational in India, according to data available till 31 July. The Information and...

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Biz  |  09 Aug 2010

71 community radio stations operational in India

NEW DELHI: Although letters of intent have been issued to 233 applicants and grant of permission signed with 102, only 71 community radio stations (...

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Biz  |  26 Jul 2010

Half of licensed community radio stations are operational

NEW DELHI: Though the number of community radio stations licensed in the country went up to 100 by March 2010, the number of stations actually...

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Biz  |  05 Jul 2010

Sarang FM puts the spotlight on Konkani writers and poets

MUMBAI: Mangalore based community Radio station Sarang 107.8 FM will be celebrating its first birthday by hosting a new weekly series 'Sarang-Raknno...

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Biz  |  23 Jun 2010

I&B seeks status info from community radio applicants

NEW DELHI: All applicants who have signed Grant of Permission Agreement (GoPA) or received letters of intent (LoI) for setting up Community Radio...

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Biz  |  10 Jun 2010

WPC allots 90.8 FM to Mumbai CR Jago Mumbai

MUMBAI: Bandra based community radio Jago Mumbai can now heave a sigh of relief as The Wireless planning and coordination (WPC) wing of the Ministry...

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Biz  |  27 May 2010

Same frequency woes blight 2 Mumbai CR stations

MUMBAI: Allotment of same frequency, 107.8 FM has created discord between two community radio stations in Mumbai. The frequency 107.8 FM was...

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Biz  |  24 May 2010

Community radio rides on mobile in Chattisgarh

MUMBAI: Although India embraced 3G technology with the recent bidding, there are still corners in the country with no means of communication for the...

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Biz  |  28 Apr 2010

Ranchi University to set up its CRS

MUMBAI: As a part of its silver jubilee celebration this year in July, Ranchi University (RU) is all set to launch its own community radio station....

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Biz  |  16 Apr 2010

Gyanvani goes on air in Kerala

MUMBAI: Gyanvani, the first educational FM channel in Kerala  airing programmes on different courses became operational yesterday. The channel would...

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