Entertainment  |  08 Feb 2022

Violinist recalls Lata Mangeshkar's humility in their last conversation

MUMBAI: Violinist and Bollywood musician Deepak Pandit feels blessed for having had a brief conversation with Lata Mangeshkar before India's Nighti

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Biz  |  30 Oct 2008

Net gains from music

If you thought listening to music online was only about raaga.com and musicindiaonline.com, think again. A clutch of new players have upped their...

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Biz  |  29 Oct 2008

Vinod Bhanushali - Retail therapy

It may come as a surprise, but the physical sales of cassettes and CDs has seen a slight upward swing in the recent past. A few of the major reasons...

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Entertainment  |  25 Oct 2008

Multi-composer films - Making light work, or spoiling the broth?

In November 2007, Anees Bazmee's Welcome kicked in a new trend in Hindi film music. No longer do multi star cast films mean an impressive line-up of...

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Entertainment  |  14 Oct 2008

Amit Trivedi - 'I don't believe stars are needed to make the music a hit'

After basking in the glory of his first Hindi film, �Aamir', composer Amit Trivedi is rightfully excited about his two forthcoming scores. Having...

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Biz  |  10 Oct 2008

Bands turn to Bollywood

Rock and pop bands and solo artistes in the country, thus far content with albums and live performances, are increasingly taking up film music...

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Entertainment  |  23 Sep 2008

Brett Garsed - 'I'm really impressed with the strength and dominance of the Indian film industry'

Brett Garsed, one of the best guitarists of the world, visited India a few months ago and conducted a small workshop-cum-gig along with drummer...

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Entertainment  |  13 Sep 2008

Shafqat Amanat Ali - 'With Tabeer, my dream of making my own album with some soulful music comes true!'

Shafqat Amanat Ali is perhaps the biggest singing sensation to hit the subcontinent. Son of the legendary Pakistani singer Ustad Amanat Ali Khan of...

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Entertainment  |  29 Aug 2008

OSO strikes gold at Beijing too

MUMBAI: It wasn't just the boxers and shooters who brought home glory from Beijing. Bollywood too made some noise with the Israeli gymnastic team...

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Entertainment  |  20 Aug 2008

Sameer - 'I constantly upgrade myself and move with the times'

He stepped into the Hindi film industry as renowned lyricist Anjaan's son. After two decades and 6000 songs later Sameer no longer needs to stay in...

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Entertainment  |  06 Aug 2008

Hard Kaur - 'It would be a crime if a rapper is not given the freedom to make his own music'

Rap music has become an increasingly integral part of Hindi film music and artistes like Hard Kaur are redefining the hip hop scene in India. The �...

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