Entertainment  |  08 Feb 2022

Violinist recalls Lata Mangeshkar's humility in their last conversation

MUMBAI: Violinist and Bollywood musician Deepak Pandit feels blessed for having had a brief conversation with Lata Mangeshkar before India's Nighti

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Biz  |  14 Jan 2009

The toppers of the Bollywood music biz in 2008

From an astounding 75 'A' grader bollywood releases in 2008, barely a clutchful made the mark, music wise. Not surprisingly, films composed by Rahman...

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Biz  |  14 Jan 2009

Can the singer- actor survive in Bollywood?

Bollywood movies are incomplete without song and dance routines. The world might mock our crazy costumes, unrelated song sequences and location...

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Entertainment  |  06 Jan 2009

To Rahman Sir with Love

MUMBAI: Musicians who work with him call him 'Rahman Sir' and technicians in his studio refer to him as 'Boss' – out of sheer respect and...

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Entertainment  |  05 Jan 2009

The Bollywood music scene '08

Bollywood saw over 100 big budget releases this year, there were songs which got us instantly hooked and there were those overhyped musicals or music...

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Entertainment  |  23 Dec 2008

Neelesh Mishra - 'We are the backroom boys whose names are not read out on FM stations'

Listeners know Neelesh Mishra as the man behind the lyrics of 'Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai' and 'Chalo Tumko Lekar Chale' but the multi-tasking lyricist has...

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Entertainment  |  18 Dec 2008

Music historian Dinesh Ghate - "Advances in technology have put many musicians out of work"

Musician Dinesh Ghate is on a mission to honour the unsung instrumentalists' contribution to the golden era of Bollywood music. Profiling them and...

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Entertainment  |  09 Dec 2008

Prasoon Joshi - Ghajini's music augments the storyline

Prasoon Joshi has carved a niche for himself as lyricist in Hindi films by bringing in word play which is simple yet deep - an expression which...

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Entertainment  |  08 Dec 2008

Soumya Raoh - 'It's time to take a stance'

The Taj was burning, and we were watching helplessly, crying our hearts out. Hundreds of innocent lives were snuffed out. Many brave men died,...

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Entertainment  |  25 Nov 2008

Sneha Khanwalkar - "I want to let my work speak for me"

If the pucca Punjabi tunes of Oye lucky lucky oye that are ruling the charts on television and radio make you think it's a Punjab da puttar who has...

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Entertainment  |  31 Oct 2008

Going for a song

The rules of the music rights game in the Hindi film industry are changing at light speed. When music wizard A R Rahman refused to compose for Farah...

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