Biz  |  29 May 2023

BIG FM takes a stand against tobacco consumption and smoking with its latest initiative ‘Sutta Chhod De Naa Yaar’

MUMBAI: Amongst the many health hazardsaffecting the masses in today’s times, the one that poses a big threat is smoking and tobacco consumption.

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Biz  |  25 Oct 2007

BIG Digital director Archana Vohra - We plan to launch three to four more portals this year

Archana Vohra took charge as director, Big Digital in September 2007. In less than two months of inception, BIG 92.7 FM's digital and online music...

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Entertainment  |  18 Oct 2007

Big FM's RJ Sekhar - 'I use as much simple, local language as I can'

A chess champ, veejay and an RJ, Sekhar can easily claim to be the 'most popular face' on radio in Hyderabad. After a stint in SFM, Sekhar jumped...

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Biz  |  27 Sep 2007

Big 92.7 FM with its first-ever TV Commercial

Expectations were naturally high when Big FM`s first TVC hit the air, timed perfectly during the Twenty20 semi-finals.

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Biz  |  07 Sep 2007

Uninterrupted music gains currency on radio

No irritating ads and no yakking jocks. Radio stations are increasingly opting for half hour long slots that play music back to back, doing away with...

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Entertainment  |  24 Aug 2007

Big FM RJ Lavanya - There's no RJ, other than me, who can sing!

Born in Chennai, brought up in Mumbai and a typical Mumbai-ite at heart, is how she describes herself. RJ Lavanya sounds just as fresh at the age of...

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Biz  |  14 Aug 2007

Big FM COO Tarun Katial - We used the brand ambassador route to break through the cluttered FM market

Reliance ADAG has aggressive plans laid out for its radio venture Big FM. With 29 stations already in place, Big FM has 16 more waiting in the wings...

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