Entertainment  |  02 Jun 2023

Aoora wants to bring Indian, Korean fans closer through Bappi Lahiri's music

MUMBAI: K-pop singer Aoora, who recently released his version of Bappi Lahiri's cult classic 'Jimmy Jimmy', has shared that he wants

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Entertainment  |  27 Nov 2015

Birthday Special: Five reasons why Bappi Lahiri is the ultimate 'Disco King'

MUMBAI: Musicians come and go, some are one-hit wonders and others stand the test of time.

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Entertainment  |  03 Sep 2015

Elijah Wood keen to play at Indian music festivals

MUMBAI: International star Elijah Wood is here in Mumbai to play at Trilogy with DJ Zack Cowie.

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Entertainment  |  09 Jun 2015

Bappi Lahiri to get Lifetime Achievement Award

MUMBAI: Singer-composer Bappi Lahiri will be conferred the Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Francisco Global Movie Fest.

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Entertainment  |  22 Apr 2015

Are we witnessing a Baba Sehgal resurgence?

MUMBAI: If you are sulking over 'Going to Gym', then Baba Sehgal's track (of the same name) is perfect to describe your situation.

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Entertainment  |  14 Mar 2015

Return of the 1990s: Is music trend here to stay?


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Entertainment  |  02 Mar 2015

No sense in today's lyrics: Bappi Lahiri

MUMBAI: Composer-singer Bappi Lahiri says these day's lyrics have no meaning and are bizarre.

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Entertainment  |  21 Feb 2015

My song 'Hunterrr 303' will grow day-by-day: Bappi Lahiri

MUMBAI:  Bappi Lahir

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Biz  |  14 Jan 2015

MAX 2 starts the year with a musical bang

MUMBAI:  MAX 2 plans to take its viewers on a musical journey through its initiative 'MAX 2 ka 4' which will run from 18th January – 7th February.

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Photos  |  28 Mar 2013

Bappi Lahiri Holi Celebrations

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