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Entertainment  |  08 Dec 2020

Selena Gomez: 'I am a huge advocate for therapy'

MUMBAI: Singer Selena Gomez, who was previously diagnosed with anxiety and depression, says discussion about mental health is freeing and she is de

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Entertainment  |  20 Jan 2020

Halsey thanks, fans for 'accepting' her vulnerabilities

MUMBAI: American singer Halsey has thanked her fans for being so "accepting" of her vulnerabilities.

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Entertainment  |  20 Jan 2020

Meghan Trainor has overcome anxiety

MUMBAI: Singer Meghan Trainor has "crushed" her anxiety and feels that she is finally in a place where she will never experience those negative fee

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Entertainment  |  27 Sep 2019

Selena Gomez shares scariest moment of her life!

MUMBAI: Singer-actor Selena Gomez has recently opened up about her battle with anxiety and depression.

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Entertainment  |  26 Aug 2019

Justin Bieber's tips to deal with anxiety attacks

MUMBAI: Pop singer Justin Bieber has shared a few tips on how to deal with an anxiety attack. 

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Entertainment  |  10 Jul 2019

Opening up about anxiety helped me: Becky G

MUMBAI:  "Do the dance, Becky G", "Becky sing the song... it is what you are supposed to do".

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Entertainment  |  26 Feb 2019

Jessie J has weird emotional days

MUMBAI: Singer Jessie J says she sometimes has weird emotional days and wants her fans to know that it's okay not t

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Entertainment  |  16 Jan 2019

Sam Smith undergoes surgery

MUMBAI: Singer Sam Smith on Tuesday underwent a surgery to remove a stye from his left eye.

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Entertainment  |  31 May 2018

Classical or instrumental music can help you balance your blood pressure, says Psychologist

MUMBAI: There is a lot that goes in the minds of the youngsters a little before their exam results and the D-day does get the heart pumping to a d

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Entertainment  |  16 May 2018

Music is a very helpful kit to fight mental health, says Psychologist

MUMBAI: We often wonder why someone has taken a step as drastic as suicide.

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Jenisha Shah
Entertainment  |  21 Mar 2018

Music helps elevate the therapy session: Jenisha Shah

MUMBAI: Neerja Birla’s Mpower, aims at empowering people dealing with mental health and disorders.

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