Entertainment  |  16 Aug 2022

Music Composer Anand Bhaskar goes gaga over Imtiaz Ali!

MUMBAI: Anand Bhaskar, popular for composing songs for the hit series ‘Mirzapur’ recently composed the original background score for Imtiaz Ali’s w

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Entertainment  |  19 May 2022

Streetsmart Production's recently announced film 'First Second Chance,' announces its song 'Haanji Naaji'

MUMBAI: The recently announced film ‘First Second Chance’ by the renowned CEO & Founder of Streetsmart Productions, Lakshmi R Iyer, is joyous t

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Entertainment  |  20 Sep 2021

Clef Music Awards 2021: Anand Bhaskar won 'Best Song'

MUMBAI: Anand Bhaskar has won “Best Song” at the ‘Clef Music Awards’.

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Entertainment  |  27 Feb 2021

Laughter, gossip and chat about Delhi boy traits in Indie Hain Hum : Season 2 with Tulsi Kumar and Millind Gaba

MUMBAI: While Tulsi spoke about brother love to brother competition to social media pressures and performing better than last with her previous gue

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Entertainment  |  04 Nov 2020

Anand Bhaskar: 'AR Rahman and Amit Trivedi's music made me realise that if your melodies are strong, they'll fit beautifully in any genre'

MUMBAI: Singer Anand Bhaskar has always looked up to composers AR Rahman and Amit Trivedi who are known for seamlessly blending Indian tunes with i

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Entertainment  |  04 Nov 2020

'My experience with working on the series has been nothing but wonderful', says Anand Bhaskar

MUMBAI: Singer Anand Bhaskar unveiled his latest humorous song “Munna Bhaiya” Rap song from Mirzapur 2, a tribute to the rowdy and fearless Munna T

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Entertainment  |  03 Nov 2020

'Mirzapur 2' song 'Munna rap' was almost cancelled

MUMBAI: Singer-composer Anand Bhaskar is currently being lauded for his song Munna rap in Mirzapur 2 but there was a time when the makers felt the

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Entertainment  |  07 Jan 2020

Believe to be one of the fastest-growing music companies helping artists build audiences and careers

MUMBAI: Believe, the leading technology and artist services company, announced today that it has acquired Canvas Talent, an India-based artist serv

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Biz  |  08 Oct 2018

Oddsox gets the best college band title in the second edition of Parx Hunt

MUMBAI: Apparel giant, Parx, hosted a college band competition, the second year in succession.

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Biz  |  05 May 2018

Anand Bhaskar Collective signs up exclusively with Go Live Talent and Records

MUMBAI: Go Live Talent and Records is known for polishing raw talent and help them in reaching the zenith.

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Entertainment  |  11 Mar 2017

Diljit Dosanjh's rendition of 'Dum Dum' is soothing to the ears

MUMBAI: The video song of 'Dum Dum' (Reprised version), sung by Diljit Dosanjh released today, on 11 March 2017.

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