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Entertainment  |  16 Sep 2021

Meyhaa & Kaira's rendition of the Kashmiri folk song Roshè feat Indian Ocean's Amit Kilam is out now!

MUMBAI: Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam, has a special treat for music lovers across the country.

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Entertainment  |  11 Sep 2021

Meyhaa & Kaira are all set to make a splash with Roshè feat Indian Ocean’s Amit Kilam!

MUMBAI: Music and symphony run deep in the Kilam bloodline as Amit Kilam’s daughters Meyhaa and Kaira are all set to resurrect the much loved Kashm

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Entertainment  |  10 Sep 2021

Daughters of Indian Ocean's Amit Kilam resurrect Kashmiri folk song 'Roshe'

MUMBAI: Meyhaa and Kaira - daughters of Amit Kilam, the drummer and lyricist of the iconic music band Indian Ocean - are all set to resurrect the

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Entertainment  |  07 Dec 2017

Swarathma to collaborate with Indian Ocean's Amit Kilam

MUMBAI: Swarathma will soon be releasing a new song.

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Entertainment  |  23 Apr 2016

Indian Ocean to hit Egyptian deserts; Bhutan next

MUMBAI: After 26 glorious years of live performances, India's most popular (fusion) rock band Indian Ocean will execute its debut appearance on Eg

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Entertainment  |  18 Jan 2016

Most popular fusion bands in India

MUMBAI: India’s rich musical heritage has witnessed a metamorphosis over many generations.

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Biz  |  30 Sep 2015

Dettol and Indian Ocean launch a new track to unite the nation for Swachh Bharat

MUMBAI: Almost a year after the prime minister announced #SwachhBharat mission, artists across the country have come together to unite the citizens

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