Entertainment  |  24 Dec 2021

Jay Z compares Beyonce to Michael Jackson

MUMBAI: Music producer Jay Z compared his singer-wife Beyonce to the late 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson in a recent chat with Alicia Keys on Twitt

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Entertainment  |  14 Aug 2021

Indian American singer A-Zal composes Alicia Keys' film soundtrack

MUMBAI: A New York-based Indian singer-songwriter Atif Afzal, who is better-known by his professional name A-Zal, has composed the soundtrack for t

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Entertainment  |  29 May 2021

Take a trip down memory lane as My Life At MTV explores the musical journeys of the exceptional Miley Cyrus And Alicia Keys

MUMBAI: Bold, beautiful, and brilliant, words fall short when describing the glorious careers of popstars Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys.

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Entertainment  |  29 Apr 2021

Check Alicia Keys' magic duet with son Egypt

MUMBAI: Sweet dreams are of made of this.

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Entertainment  |  01 Apr 2021

Ariana Grande is the highest paid coach on The Voice

MUMBAI: Ariana Grande recently made headlines when it was announced that the 27-year-old singer announced would be replacing Nick Jonas on the 21st

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Entertainment  |  28 Nov 2020

The Weeknd, Alicia Keys collabs with Sabrina Claudio on her new Christmas album

MUMBAI: Sabrina Claudio has returned with a Christmas album entitled Christmas Blues, and it features appearances from the Weeknd and Alicia Keys.

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Entertainment  |  27 Nov 2020

Fans praise Alicia Keys' cover of BTS song 'Life Goes On'

MUMBAI: There are plenty of covers of songs by K-pop giants BTS.

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Entertainment  |  15 Sep 2020

Alicia Keys in conversation with Apple Music's Zane Lowe

MUMBAI: Alicia Keys joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music for a wide-ranging conversation ahead of the release of her seventh studio album ‘

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Entertainment  |  03 Aug 2020

Alicia Keys, husband get romantic on their 10-year anniversary

MUMBAI: Singer Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz have been married for a decade but cannot stop gushing over each other.

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Entertainment  |  15 Jun 2020

Alicia Keys and husband Swizz Beatz answers Q&A in a seaside

MUMBAI: Alicia Keys took a break to focus on more relaxing topics while enjoying an overcast day at the beach with her husband Swizz Beatz, 41.

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Entertainment  |  08 Jun 2020

Alicia Keys writes a poem for her five-year-old son 'You are unstoppable'

MUMBAI: Alicia Keys has shared a moving message to her young son.

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