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Review |  18 Jul 2017 19:35 |  By RnMTeam

Gig Review: Deep in Dance's periodical gigs gave wings to our minds, trip to the imagination

MUMBAI: Based out of Mumbai, Deep in Dance is an established, essential creation of India’s night life division that has been a pioneer in hosting finest electronic music gigs and performances. To celebrate the sounds of the underground music, right in the heart of the maximum city, one can’t fail to see most amazing parties, refreshing line ups at some uber-cool venues in Mumbai. 

Radioandmusic witnessed back to back two gigs in last two weekends, organised by Deep in Dance with the crowd coming together for a soul grooving, strong pulsating, body grinding, and feet stomping dance affair.

The first gig we attended was Deep in Dance featuring Blot! and OX7GEN (AfterDark) on 8 July at Razzberry Rhinoceros. The night-time started with drummer Aditya Ashok's alter ego OX7GEN, who added layers of his drumming skills and versatility to his producer avatar. As Ashok's love for Drum and Bass is no secret, he brought some innumerable of magnetism to his sound to create a one-off dance floor experience. It goes without saying that the Delhi-based producer-DJ, BLOT! aka Gaurav Malaker is India’s very own Techno demi-god and his deep, idiosyncratic, emotive electronica was like the drug to our ears during that night.

Followed by another gig on 15 July at Kitty Su Mumbai, Deep in Dance featured some of the celebrated homegrown talents such as Praveen Achary, Priya Sen and Bajje Squad (Mark Fulgado and Pratik Dhongdi). Bajje Squad kicked off ‘Intimate’ by the uprising of deep, bass and techno tunes. Followed by some sick spinning by Priya Sen, we witnessed commanding deep tech, progressive house and melodic techno tunes mostly during her finishing set. It was 2:30 in the night and no one stopped raging! 

Praveen Achary, the bossman of Juicebox Music took the console post 3 am in the night and it was a complete musical riot for us, for each person, we are sure. Praveen is one of those very few producers of the country who is celebrated for his unique deep tech and progressive house sound, musical diversity as well as unpredictability. His mix-sets were weaved together in an ideal approach that gave wings to our minds, trip to the imagination and life to the whole night.

From, Radioandmusic’s point of view we can say that both of the gigs were uplifting musical milieus and sculpted into something we can feel in our body and soul.