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Review |  15 Oct 2007 22:49 |  By RnMTeam

Bhool Bhulaiya

Filmed by - Priyadarshan

Produced by: - Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar

Music by - Pritam

Bhool Bhulaiyaa contrary to what the title suggests, is not a lost album. It is well in place with its music and offers a good mix of all moods. The mood mapping of this album will leave you crying, smiling, romancing and spooked as well! The music has been on top of the charts and the catchy 'Hare ram hare ram, hare Krishna hare ram' is already being hummed everywhere.

This film is directed by Priyadarshan, a director who actually wanted to be a cricketer, but today is one of the best directors our country has. Music major T-Series has produced this film, and Pritam, who worked with Priyan on the recent 'Bhagam Bhag' is back with this film. Pritam's music is getting better by the day. 'Bhool Bhulaiyaa' just confirms the fact, though of course, there still are some loose ends in a few songs in this flick.

The album's most loved and cherished song would be the title track. The song has a very rap yet Bollywood feel to it. It would even set the people with two left feet grooving to it. Singer Neeraj Sridhar who started his career with Bhagam Bhaag and recently sang the title track of 'Heyy babby' has again proved his allure.

The album also offers a remix of the title track remixed by DJ A-myth. The remix makes the song too fast and isn't really that appealing. DJ A-Myth aka DJ Aamit is one of the popular DJs in india from the Jalwa Remix, War of the DJ's and Rang Barse fame.

The next track that will grip you is 'Labon ko“ sung by the versatile singer K.K. This track is a passionate song and the lyrics by Sayeed Quardi are magical and gripping. It is a perfect 'fall-in-love' song and its rhythm hooks you in no time.

'Labon ko' is also included in the album as a remixed track. But love songs don't really make good listening when remixed. So is the case with this song, the entire feel of the song is lost and so is the oomph factor. The song is remixed by DJ Kiran and DJ G & Earl. Too many cooks at work here, and they have rightly spoilt the dish.

Another flavour in the album is a little more upbeat love song 'Sajda'. The song is set in a mood were a lover needs to claim he is in love to the rest of the world. The song, rendered by K.K, is sung very well, but lacks appeal. The song sounds like Pritam has tried to carry forward his 'Metro“ feel with this one.The remix of 'Sajda' included in the album is not very different from its original version. Remixed by DJ Suketu, the number doesn't stand out like the others he has remixed so far.

The other tracks, 'Let's Rock Soniye' and 'Sakhiya' are just about mediocre. The songs are upbeat but not very appealing. Let's Rock Soniye is a mix of varied songs in one. Sakhiya is a very inexpertly sung song. The female singer of both these songs is Tulsi Kumar, who has only sung for T-Series in honour of her father. Let's Rock Soniye also has Shaan lending his innocent and versatile voice to the song. 'Mere Dholna' is another niche song. It is a classical song and is very well sung by Shreya Ghoshal and M.G.Sreekumar. Where as 'Allah Hafiz', the last song of the album, is a very upbeat and sing along song. It is a very positive song and is sure to catch your attention.

To conclude, Bhool Bhulaiya is a fun album with different kinds of flavours to it. The album is surely one to pick if you like to listen to different kinds of music at one go and don't stick to one mood for long.