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Press Release |  10 Apr 2015 20:32 |  By RnMTeam

Star Movies joins forces with Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani and Skrat to create the music video for a television premiere of X-Men: Days of the Future Past

MUMBAI: Sometimes the fight for what is right needs more than one hero. Sometimes for good to prevail over a seemingly unassailable enemy, forces need to come together to create the ultimate weapon - friendship. In the movie X-Men: Days of the Future Past, the X-Men come together as one to ward off an undefeatable enemy. This movie showcases the power of camaraderie, brotherhood and above all the fact that the only way to save the future is to stand together. For together, we become an unstoppable force.
There is no better way to essay the core of the film and pay tribute to the power of friendship than music. At Star Movies, we have always pushed the boundaries of communicating the essence of the movie and the premiere of X-Men: Days of the Future Past on 19th April at 1pm and 9pm will be no different - for the first time ever a television premiere on Star Movies will have its own music video created by Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani and SKRAT.

On the association, Farhan Akhtar, (co- founder Farout Media) said, “Our aim is to help indie music and artists get onto mainstream platforms. The song "Mutant Macha" is a collaborative effort between Skrat, Vishal and myself. It's a song that portrays the ultimate hero- someone who stands for good in the most adverse of times. Our collaboration is keeping in spirit with the kinship that the world needs to create a united force for positivity. We have partnered with Star Movies to put out the song for the TV premiere of X-Men - Days of Future Past"

Vishal Dadlani adds, “The best thing about music is that it speaks a universal language and as long as you feel the emotion, feel the essence - you will get the message no matter what the genre. We are glad to have come together to create this piece for Star Movies and I hope everyone has a blast listening to it."

Anurag Rao (CEO Co-founder Farout Media) says, “The vision for Farout Media is based on its core principle of ‘Music Innovations’, with a clear focus on artist interests and repertoire monetization. Star Movies : X-Men 2 Premiere partnership is a fantastic way to introduce new music through synchronization and retention of music rights by content creators."  

It’s not everyday that an association like this comes together to showcase the power of camaraderie. Star Movies spokesperson was quoted saying, “Star Movies has always been at the forefront of enhancing viewer experience in every possible way. This association is in sync with our purpose of giving the young talent of India a platform making this association a perfect example of camaraderie and friendship just like the movie XMen: Days of Future Past."

It’s time to not just watch the movie but get inspired with the music video showcase for the television premiere of X-Men: Days of the Future Past on 19th April at 1pm and 9pm.