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Press Release |  27 Feb 2019 18:42 |  By RnMTeam

Signature Masterclass brings Kutle Khan Project to share his Passion to Paycheck Story

MUMBAI: Signature Masterclass, sponsored by Signature Packaged Drinking Water, is a celebration of the real-life success stories and provides a unique platform for passionate individuals who are looking for the right inspiration and guidance by giving them an opportunity to hear their icons share the story of how they managed to successfully convert their passion into paycheck. Now its The Kutle Khan Project, who will be sharing stories of their musical journey with the audience on Signature Masterclass.

Inspiring people and treating them to some soul-stirring music, The Kutle Khan Project is a unique collective of Rajasthani folk musicians highlighting Kutle Khan, a multi-talented folk musician who has performed on various stages across the world; His music is as seductive as it is rhythmically complex. He embodies the rich melodic and sophisticated rhythmic traditions of Rajasthani folk music, and his performances are informed by his understanding of contemporary Indian and Western musical traditions.

The format which has rapidly gained popularity and inspired dreamers to become doers, is now bringing together artists from across the country who embody the passion to paycheck story. These artists will take the stage to share how they pursued their passion and made their mark, followed by a performance of their art.

Coming from a family of musicians, this master of the Khartal from the land of the Rajputs, began playing music at the age of 8, learning every instrument he could get his hands on. A singer as well as a musician, Khan not only plays the dholak, khartal, bhapang, harmonium, sarong, the lot, proving that there's no percussion he can't play, he also sings soulful renditions, and also, writes and composes his own songs.

Catch them this Saturday, 27 February 2019, at Golf Club in Noida at 7:30 pm onwards.