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Press Release |  18 Jul 2018 12:21 |  By RnMTeam

Madboy/Mink release new sound with new EP, 'P.E.S.F.'

MUMBAI: Live electronica duo Madboy/Mink, known for their trademark electro-funk sound and high-energy theatrical performances, will release their new EP, Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic (P.E.S.F.) on 19 July.

Saba Azad and Imaad Shah’s aka Madboy/Mink’s new output ‘P.E.S.F.’ sees them exchange their playful sound for a more grown-up, vivid sonic palette inspired by synthesizers and one that can be classified as cosmic disco.

The four-track EP can best be described as a synth-infused, psychedelic journey that is warm, lush, and vibrant.

‘Comets’, the first single released off the EP in June, showcased their intent to go beyond what they are known for. On ‘Comets’, Saba’s icy-yet-warm vocals are set within lush synths and old school drum sounds, with a touch of acid house. The four-track EP sees Madboy/Mink introduce fans to a newer side of their sonic personalities.

“We’ve lived with these songs for a bit now and it explores themes that have been on our mind,” say Madboy/Mink. “This sound came out of exploring certain synthesizer sounds and sounds from the early days of house music, post punk, some synth driven soundtracks, etc. We began tinkering with these things and slowly began to filter them through the lens of a certain kind of 60s psychedelia that we’re both into. We are multilingual, post-colonial kids and we see no reason to tow the line in terms of genre,” they add.

Persons. Elastic. Superior. Fantastic also features the late Karan Joseph on the song, ‘Plastic Elastic’, a definite highlight of the album. “That song features Karan pretty much playing in a style he’s never been heard in before. The day that song was written really showed his versatility and genius,” say Saba and Imaad.

Apart from newer sounds, the EP and upcoming tour will also showcase a new live set-up for Madboy/Mink. The line-up for the PESF tour consists of Jehangir Jehangir (drums), Rahul Joshua Thomas (trombone and saxophone) and Nitish Rambadhran (keys), James Miranda (trumpet) and Anand Bhagat on percussions, in addition to Saba and Imaad.

The EP will launch exclusively on July 19 on Apple Music as a part of the Here It Here.First initiative, post which it will also be available on all other streaming platforms like Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Saavn and Spotify.

Gig details
City: Mumbai
Date: July 20
Day: Friday
Venue: Flea Bazaar Café

City: Pune
Date: July 26
Day: Thursday
Venue: Hard Rock Café, Pune

City: New Delhi
Date: August 2
Day: Thursday
Venue: Auro

City: Shillong (duo set)
Date: August 3
Day: Friday
Venue: Heiga

City: Guwahati (duo set)
Date: August 4
Day: Saturday
Venue: NYX, Guwahati