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Press Release |  18 May 2018 18:18 |  By RnMTeam

Indian-American singer Kabir releases debut single æGot Me HookedÆ

MUMBAI: Indian-American singer, Brooklyn boy, Kabir has released his debut single, Got Me Hooked. The song is written and produced by Damen Heyward and Juan 'Majik' Peters.

Check out the video here:

Got Me Hooked is a peppy pop number with electrifying beats and racy lyrics. The music video reveals Kabir in a suave and stylish avatar. With a set of hypnotic rhythms and silvery voice, he comes across as a chilled-out ladies man out to conquer hearts

Kabir's voice has the pitch of a Punjabi jat combined with a soothing touch of flowing melody. A very unusual sound from what we are used to hear from Asian-American singers, thus making him stand out. It is also learnt that both the classic and contemporary American songs have shaped Kabir's sound along with traditional Indian music, reflecting his varying influences even on a pop track.

Besides, Kabir has a rich musical heritage that includes the Partap Brothers; veterans of traditional spiritual music and ambassadors of the Sikh community in North America.

Well, now the coming days will decide how this interesting personality-sound combo of Kabir will keep the audience hooked.

Meanwhile, Kabir was a financial analyst in New York for the multi-billion-dollar company Bloomberg LP prior to taking a step towards his dreams. He quit his high-flying job to pursue his passion for singing. Released this week, his debut single Got Me Hooked is surely managing to catch attention.