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Press Release |  28 Oct 2017 15:33 |  By RnMTeam

Five times MJ rocked the Halloween dance floor

MUMBAI: Halloween is the perfect occasion to unleash your alter ego and be unapologetically wicked. With the festival just around the corner, everyone is surely looking forward to dressing up and burning the dance floor. Over the years, popular singers like Missy Elliot, Florence + the Machine and Kayne West have given phenomenal Halloween tracks that add on to the spookiness of the party. But if there is one pop star who gave a new meaning to the word horror through his work, then it is none other than the King of Pop – Michael Jackson. From eerie visuals and special effects to his unusual compositions and dance moves, Michael Jackson has never ceased to be anything short of a phenomenon. While many did try to recreate his magic through their own versions but no one could come even close to the legend’s style.

Here are five chartbusters by the legend which are not just great songs to groove to for Halloween but also give a spine-tingling experience like no other.


Ghosts is surely one of the spookiest songs of Michael Jackson. Part of the album, Blood On The Dance Floor, it was also used in a 1996 short film starring MJ and co-written by Stephen King and Mick Garris. In the video, over a fierce clangour with a celestial choir underneath, Michael Jackson tangles with a spirit who he believes to be the ghost of jealousy.

Is It Scary

Perceived as the most Gothic death-rock album of all time by the critics, the track Is It Scary became a hit amongst the audience with Michael Jackson taunting with his grotesque tabloid image while acknowledging the monster that exists inside all of us. So, if you are planning to don a skeleton avatar this Halloween, then this is the perfect track for you to burn the dance floor.


This is undoubtedly one of Michael Jackson’s most popular songs. The minute MJ’s eyes turn zombie green, it sends a chill down the spine. Over the years, there have been many renditions of this song but no one could create the same magic. The animated special Michael Jackson’s Halloween will also feature a spectacular Thriller dance finale starring the iconic star himself.


One of the most popular tracks from Michael Jackson’s final studio album Invincible, Threatened features some edgy funk with Rod Sterling while MJ assumes the persona of an unnamed diabolical monster – the one he once warned about in Thriller.

Heartbreak Hotel/This Place Hotel

This 1980 hit is set around a hotel that may possibly be haunted. With some blood curdling screams, this track is surely the spookiest one from the album The Jacksons. Michael wails This is scaring me as the doors slam shut behind him and the evil caretakers turns his lover against him.

While these songs already get you into the groove of Halloween, Zee Café is all set to help you relive the magic of the iconic star as he returns to your screens in an animated avatar like never before.