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Press Release |  08 Dec 2016 11:42 |  By RnMTeam

Italian artist Francesca Maria releases The Bombay

MUMBAI: Inspired by Indian music and traditional Indian instruments Francesca Maria releases 'The Bombay' in collaboration with the BMI award winner composer Drooid. Drooid is also the music producer and sound engineer of the track 'The Bombay'. 'The Bombay', like the Macarena, the 'Harlem Shake' and the 'Nae Nae' is a dance choreography.

Francesca has always been fascinated by the Indian culture in all its aspects and has been a dream of hers to incorporate Indian traditional sounds into her songs.

She adds, “Indian music has always had the power to uplift my soul therefore always present in my personal music selection. Indian music and dancing have impacted me so much that when I was a dancer in NYC I conducted a Bollywood inspired class series. When I got together with my producer Drooid, we researched, studied and listened to a lot of Indian music. We knew we wanted to use Konnakol (vocal percussion, traditional of South Indian music), some very traditional Indian instruments like the unmistakable Shehnai and combine them with something more westerly popular; for that we chose Reggaeton and electronic sounds. By the time all the elements came together we could not stop dancing and there we knew that we had made something really crazy, so the mission was accomplished.”

Amongst the many styles, Bhangra has always moved her in a special way. Her strong friendship with Indian Zumba Master Trainer Sucheta Pal has allowed her to discover more about the Indian culture.

She further adds, “As for the metric and style used, we mixed an R&B /pop flavour with very urban touches together with some typical Indian melodies.”

The Bombay , official video has been shot in 5 different locations on the streets of New York that portraits the city dancing uncontrollably to the crazy sound of the Bombay: 30 dancers, six dance crews including of course a traditional Indian Dance troupe.

Watch the video: