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Press Release |  26 Aug 2016 14:10 |  By RnMTeam

'Sacchi Savitris' witty take on 'Social Media Love'

MUMBAI: Gone are the days when people would say, "Love stories are written by God, and matches are made in heaven". Thanks to the social media frenzy today's young generation lives in, love stories begin with friend requests and likes, ending with last seen. Culture Machine’s digital channel for music lovers, Being Indian Music has released their next video ‘Social Media Love’ and it couldn’t be more relevant to this. The video reflects the lifestyle of today’s social media addicted generation that believes in laying down their entire life in the virtual world. After ‘Crazy Dil’ with Sonu Nigam and ‘Rastafari’ with Gul Panag, Being Indian Music has released ‘Social Media Love’ from the well-known singer song-writer duo Sacchi Savitris - Rashi Mal and Vasudha Sharma.

The duo, through their songs, take on topics that affect, amuse and pre-occupy today’s youth. Their latest number ‘Social Media Love’ is about how a relationship affects a girl on social media. Sowing the seeds by chatting with the boy she likes on social media to then declaring love and later declaring hate – ALL on social media. This video is a cute, acoustic Ukulele-toned refreshing re-make of the song ‘Gerua’ showcasing silly, random and happy thoughts that catches every woman’s attention with their music. Dating in the digital age comes with a price as partners keep track of their partner’s every move on social media. From spotting that boy who can be a potential partner to eventually breaking up and everything in between, this video shows the journey of a new age relationship and its development on social media.

Commenting on the video, Culture Machine’s digital channel, Being Indian Music released a statement – “The Sacchi Savitris are one of our favourite artists and we love their take on pop culture phases. We fell in love with the song the very first time we heard it and are delighted to be collaborating with such a talented and fun duo.”

The Sacchi Savitris commented on the video. Rashi said, “In the age of social media, we've all been guilty of these things at some point or the other. The idea was to be able to laugh at ourselves for the silliness we indulge in. Working with Vasuda has been an absolute pleasure. She is a beautiful person, an extremely talented musician and we work well together."

Vasuda added, “The topic of this video is very relatable and it was a fun experience working with Culture Machine and Rashi Mal, who wrote the song. Everyone is very internet-savvy today and all girls go through this phase, which is why this video fits well in today's times."

Whether or not you are active on Social Media, this video is going to catch your attention and make you nod your head in agreement.  The song ends on an all is well note, because in the world of social media, a break-up only affects a girl until the next interesting friend request comes along.