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News |  28 May 2015 18:23 |  By RnMTeam

Voctronica axes one of its members

MUMBAI: One of India's all-vocal ensembles, Voctronica, let go of one its members – Meghna Bhogle, and is now down to five members. In a Facebook post put up by Bhogle herself, she explains, at length, reasons for which she is no longer being associated with the a-cappella group.

"A few days back," states her Facebook post, "the rest of the band members sat me down and informed me that I was no longer required in the band and that they wanted to go ahead as a 5 piece set-up." She further added, "I was told that I am not good enough for the standard of the band as a singer/musician and the fact that my time is split between a job and music is a problem because the rest of the band is a group of full-time musicians and I am holding them back."

Bhogle also said that the three years that she had been with Voctronica, were good; right from when the band had just started off to "witnessing the insane ascent over the past year and half." For her, as a musician, Voctronica was a major source of expression, she stated on her post. But, having not been given any opportunity to defend herself, Bhogle stated that the past few weeks have been difficult for her.

"It has been a difficult few weeks digesting the fact that I have no say in the decision that impacts my life in such a drastic way and apologies to all the people who were looking forward to watching me as a part of the band open for ALT-J. The band made a "creative call" to keep me out of the gig; a gig that was a result of all our efforts," she said. Bhogle further added that she will continue writing, understanding, making and celebrating music "with better musicians and MORE IMPORTANTLY – better people," her post stated.

Voctronica has been signed on by Sony Music India. Sources confirmed that the band will continue to remain under the label, however Bhogle will not be.