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News |  07 Nov 2014 17:02 |  By RnMTeam

Stevie Wonder working on two new projects

MUMBAI: In anticipation of his Songs in the Key of Life Performance tour, Grammy Award winner Stevie Wonder has two new recording projects in motion. One is a set of orchestral remakes of his songs with David Foster called ‘When the World Began’.

"He had this idea of me doing a project with him and producing something with him where we would take some of the songs I have done and give them a whole other interpretation by using a symphony orchestra," Wonder said earlier.

However, Wonder does have a specific release date for the project. "It is got to feel right," Wonder said. "No different than I did with Songs in the Key of Life or any other projects I have worked on, it is got to feel right before I give it to the people. It is got to feel like, ‘Yeah, that feels good to me.’ I cannot be a Stevie Wonder fan and listen to this and like it or be a fan and listen to it and say, ‘Yeah, this is what I like.’ I think I have been able to be objective about stuff that I have done to say that and to feel that way," he further stated.

Wonder also stated that he is "maybe 75 percent" finished with ‘Through the Eyes of Wonder’, his more conventional studio album since 2005’s ‘A Time to Love’. "I have been kind of messing with that for a while, and I am excited about that," Wonder notes. "There is so much that has gone on between, say, Songs in the Key of Life and now -- in my life, in lives, just in the world. There have been some incredibly great things that happened and there have been some incredibly horrible things that have happened. There are some things that will make you feel pessimistic that have happened, and there are some things that will make you feel optimistic as well at the end of the day. In that I have been able to witness all that, (the album) is kind of from the perspective as I see it. That is where I write from," said Wonder.

His ‘Songs in the Key of Life Performance’ tour begins 6 November at New York's Madison Square Garden and will play 11 dates before wrapping up on 5 December in Oakland, California.