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News |  21 Apr 2015 18:52 |  By RnMTeam

Skrat to release new music video in May, to start recording new work in December

MUMBAI: Fresh off documenting the band's countrywide tour, Chennai-based alternative rock band Skrat are hard at work on releasing the music video for the band's new single 'The Queen', which is also the title of Skrat's recent album. To promote the album, Skrat's members spontaneously decided to ride their motorcycles last November, instead of flying. This resulted in, what the band now calls, 'The Loverider Experience', an ambitious project consisting of a tour of seven cities, eight shows, with a total of eight bikes and one car hitting over 3600 kilometres.

Speaking to about 'The Loverider Experience' Skrat's lead vocalist Sriram T.T. said, "In November, last year, we secured major gigs, including playing at NH7 Weekender Festivals in cities like Bangalore and Pune, and other live events such as Ennui Bomb, Indiearth and Trailbug & Wanderlust. It just so happened that each one of has had bikes and loves riding. So, for these gigs, we decided to take a film crew and ride gig to gig and shoot the experience." The decision to make 'The Loverider Experience' happened in just a matter of minutes, he added.

Sriram also said that 'The Loverider Experience' was named after the band's track 'Loverider', which he wrote for his Royal Enfield motorbike. "I wrote the song for my bike, and it resonated well with our decision to document our bike ride," he stated. He also added that the people in the crew include technicians, sound engineers, photographers and directors.

Skrat is now busy working on a music video for the track 'The Queen', which Sriram added would be the last single from the band's third studio album. He also said that the band is looking at releasing the music video by next month.

Those familiar with the music of Skrat will notice that the sound and the theme of 'The Queen' was darker and heavier, as compared to the band's previous album 'Bring Out The Big Guns', which was more up-beat and funky in sound. Opining on that, Sriram said, "Our listeners thought that 'Bring Out The Big Guns' was a comical and funny album. And, in order to steer away from being labeled, we decided to mirror our mindset, which was unanimously getting heavier." Sriram also revealed that the band is currently in the song writing phase of their upcoming record, which according to him, will go into recording towards the end of the year or early next year. When asked whether the sound of the new record would showcase evolvement from 'The Queen', Sriram said, "The sound is definitely going to evolve, but we are still writing, and maybe, in a few months time, we will know which direction are we headed, musically."

The members of the three-piece band share vocal duties amongst themselves, with Sriram on guitar, Satish on bass and Tapass on drums. Skrat recently collaborated with Farhan Akhtar and Vishal Dadlani on a promotional music video 'Mutant Macha' for STAR Movies premiere of 'X-Men: Days of Future Past'.