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News |  13 Mar 2015 17:05 |  By IANS

Sanam Puri talks about the new single 'Jaanta Tha' by SANAM

MUMBAI: After keeping it under wraps for a long time now, SANAM has released a brand new single titled ‘Jaanta Tha’. The band had been working on the song, which has been written by Samar Puri, for over a year and a half. A video for ‘Jaanta Tha’ was also recently released, and features the band members, along with popular television actress- Vibha Anand.

“The track was written in September 2013 when I fell in love with someone for a very short while and I told Samar about it. I literally had sleepless nights and I expressed my feelings to Samar and he wrote a song out of it. We took a lot of time for this song and made sure everything was perfect,” said Sanam. 

The band is very happy with the kind of response it has been receiving for single. ‘Jaanta Tha’ is currently available only on YouTube. “We just concentrate on making the song, and release it. If people like it, they automatically share it and that is the way we work,” he explained. While composing a song, the only thing that they keep in mind is being true to their emotions.

SANAM is currently touring and are scheduled to performing in Mumbai next week.