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News |  14 Feb 2015 15:55 |  By RnMTeam

Rodney Branigan collaborating with Randolph Correia and John Pointer

MUMBAI: Rodney Branigan, a London based multi-instrumentalist recently revealed that he is currently working on new collaborations with Randolph Correia, who is one half of the Indian alternative electronic act, Shaa'ir and Func.

"Hopefully, if it all comes together, Randolph and I will put an album together," said the Texan born guitarist. Branigan also mentioned that he is currently working on two other projects, in addition to his collaboration with Correia. Branigan is currently touring the country with his music project ‘Solitary Ensemble'. "It is a project where I play folk, blues and rock music, but I do it in a way where I am playing all the instruments. At times, I play a guitar and a mandolin at the same time, and at times, I play two guitars simultaneously. There are times where I play a drum and a guitar, and sometimes a drum and a mandolin. The idea is that I am playing at least two instruments," he said.

On the same lines as his ‘Solitary Ensemble', Branigan is also working with American cellist, guitarist and beat-boxer John Pointer. "The project we are doing is similar to my 'Solitary Ensemble', except it is two of us. So, even though it is just two of us, it sounds like there is a full five or six member band. It is pretty mad really," added Branigan. Pointer is also the founder and CEO of Patronism, a tool for musicians to augment or replace dwindling CD sales with sustaining subscriptions.

Branigan recently performed at the Sula Fest, and also be seen performing at Nariyal Paani on 21 February, with the Indian three-member act Madfingers.