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News |  09 Jan 2015 18:55 |  By RnMTeam

Prakriti Kakar: We have a very healthy competition at home

MUMBAI: Prakriti Kakar, better known as the sister of 'Saturday Saturyday' singer Akriti, has made her singing debut with songs in the films 'Alone' and 'Khamoshiyan'. The music of both films has composed by Ankit Tiwari.

The song 'Bheeg Lu' from 'Khamoshiyan' was the first one to be recorded, although it was released after the track 'Katra Katra'. "It all happened when Ankit Tiwari heard me singing at a show and he came to me saying we need to do a project together, and then things materialised," said Prakriti Kakar. Since then she has been accompanying the composer to perform at several live gigs.  

She revealed that when she initially heard the track 'Katra Katra', she was unsure if she would be able to sing it as it was seductive and required a particular tone. Everyone, including the producer, helped her with the vocals for the track and they were extremely happy with the final product.

The 19 year old, has a twin sister Sukriti, while Akriti is the eldest of the three. "My sister is ten years older than me, and I look at her as a guide of course. She has been in the industry for a long time and knows the trade better than I do. So whatever I am today it is because of her," she said when asked about the influence of her elder sister- Akriti.

All three sisters have opted to pursue the same profession, which is why comparisons are bound to happen. "There are times when we go to audition for a voice, and Sukriti and we have to compete with each other. Whoever gets through, it is the director or the producer's call, and we do not bother much because ultimately it is coming home. We have a very healthy competition at home," concluded Kakar.