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News |  21 Jun 2024 16:11 |  By RnMTeam

Popular singer-songwriter and composer Arjuna Harjai releases new, emotive pop single 'Zikar Hai'

MUMBAI:  Prolific singer and composer, and popular YouTuber Arjuna Harjai harnesses the memory of old video games with sounds of African dance music genre, amapiano and Punjabi lyrics to create an earworm, ‘Zikar Hai’. Featuring the multi-hyphenate artist from Pakistan, Natasha Noorani, ‘Zikar Hai’ is a heartfelt creation that ticks all the boxes when it comes to a pop single – catchy hook and compelling melodies – and most importantly, reflects Arjuna’s evolution as an artist.

Now based out of Leamington in the United Kingdom, the Indian composer has Bollywood hits like ‘O Soniye’ and ‘Choti Choti Gal’ to his name and multiple singles and viral hits like ‘Winter Ayun Waliye’ from his One Minute Composer series on Instagram.

For ‘Zikar Hai’, the starting point were the three random words his wife, who is a recurring feature on his vlogs, gave him – as she normally does as part of the Instagram series.

“From there, I tapped into the feelings of new love — the excitement, the yearning, and the sweet anticipation of seeing that special someone again,” says Arjuna of the process of creating ‘Zikar Hai’, written by lyricist Geet Sagar.

“These emotions are at the heart of this piece, making it a very intimate and heartfelt creation. Additionally, we wanted to experiment with blending different musical styles. We mixed the nostalgic vibes of synthwave with the energetic and rhythmic log drums of amapiano. This fusion added a unique layer to this Punjabi composition, making it a distinctive and emotionally rich piece,” he adds.

The decision to bring Natasha on board was suggested by Arjuna’s A&R at Orchard, Srishti Das, and one that honestly took the Lahore-based artist by surprise.

“I was worried that the key wouldn’t match but I’m so glad Arjuna reached out to me and thought my tone would suit the song,” Natasha confesses before quickly adding, “I enjoy things that are challenging stylistically for me such as ‘Zikar Hai’ since it's outside of my usual experimental Urdu pop vibe.”

The cross-country collaboration was completed on two different continents – Arjuna at his home studio in the verdant town of Leamington while Natasha recorded her vocals at a studio in Lahore – and over numerous video calls. “Natasha’s vocals added depth and emotion to the track,” says Arjuna.

Inspired by the sounds of his childhood – read playing video games – that included playing a game called Bare Knuckle, whose soundtrack was composed by the Japanese composer and innovator Yuzo Koshiro, Arjuna channelled those memories into composing ‘Zikar Hai’.

“This release holds a special place in my heart for several reasons,” he says, adding, “Firstly, it’s my personal favourite among all my works due to its rich melodic depth and distinctive production. It’s a culmination of years of experience and growth as a musician and producer. And it’s the first song where I've consciously incorporated elements influenced by those unforgettable sounds from my childhood.”

‘Zikar Hai’ will release on June 21 across all streaming platforms.

The rollout of ‘Zikar Hai’ will be led by Rohin Bachwani, who brings his expertise in global music business and marketing to help usher a new age for Indian pop music, and the single will be distributed through the extensive network of The Orchard and supported by Robach Music Group.

Arjuna Harjai: YouTube / Instagram / Spotify

To be released on June 21, listen to the track here