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News |  21 Jun 2024 15:22 |  By RnMTeam

Mumbai-based producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist sudan to release evocative debut album

MUMBAI: Pritpal Sudan is no stranger to the Indian music industry, and of his nearly decade-long journey, he has spent half the time in studios producing and finessing the sonic projects of other artists. As sudan, he has a handful of singles to his name but that is about to change when sudan? releases on June 21 on Misfits Inc.

The 13-track album – that sudan has written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered himself – is a delightful assortment of textures, sounds, voices and styles. Full of life – and heartbreak – and dynamic and meditative, sudan’s debut album is his most intricate and personal work to date. The palette of emotions ranges from angst, joy, loneliness, detachment to resilience in a soundscape that’s warm and elaborate.

The pop leaning album straddles the organic electronic space – where the result is a unique and innovative sound that combines the precision and detail of electronic music with the warmth and texture of live performance.

“The album was in the works for just over two years but most of the process felt easy considering the whole purpose of the album was to sort of establish my sound as a solo act and I was in no hurry to rush that process,” says the young composer, who counts young contemporary shapeshifters like EDEN, Jon Bellion, Tennyson and Tom Misch among others as influences.

Sudan's versatility is front and centre of his debut effort, with each song delicately structured and perfectly balanced. He bends and moulds his vocals to fit the song and from the first track, ‘intro’ – where his spoken word cascades over the keys – to the last track ‘iiiii’, a pared-back yet texture-heavy production.

The album’s tapestry of textural ambience is accompanied by prominent synthesisers, a perfect hybrid of electronic drums with organic textures and percussions, and very uniquely processed vocals that may very well become his signature.

The album features 13 tracks and includes four collaborations – LAVI (trouble), Vavae (untitled), BENDI (dreaming) and L’nee Golay (aftermath) while the album also credits Pruthvi Dhawale as a songwriter on ‘can you?’, Rohit Kumar with addition production credits on ‘aftermath’, and Nathan Thampy on keys with Sanket Pahurkar on drums for the outro track called ‘iiiii’.

Collaborations come rather easily to sudan but sudan? stands for his vision as an artist. “As a producer my job is to cater to the vision of the artist whereas I try to find the middle ground between our sounds and visions in a collaboration,” he explains.

Two singles from the album, ‘omg’ and ‘trouble’ ft LAVI – the garage-inspired production is an earworm – have been released so far.

sudan? releases on June 21, and will be available on all streaming platforms. Misfits Inc will be working on the album as Sudan's management.