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News |  20 Jun 2024 12:53 |  By RnMTeam

Love Notes: happn's survey unveils music as the new cupid

MUMBAI: happn, the real-life dating app, unveils a brand new survey for World Music Day, showing how music connects people and has become the new cupid's arrow. Instead of awkward silences, sparking a connection over love for the same band, or discovering hidden musical gems together on dates seem to be better ideas. The survey reveals that music is key to unlocking a world of romance and finding one’s soulmate might be a matter of finding someone who shares the same taste in tunes!  
Love at first listen? 
Over three-quarters (76%) of Indian singles across all age groups love discovering new music through dating! Seems like sharing headphones might be the new candlelight dinner.
Soulmates with similar Spotify streams? 
While 51% of Indian singles consider having similar music taste to be "somewhat important," it's not a dealbreaker for most. However, for 48% of them, spotting a favourite artist on a profile can spark a crush! Creating the perfect date night playlist is a popular practice, with a whopping 79% admitting to using music to set the mood showcasing the power of playlists. 
Age Ain't Nothing But a Number (When it Comes to Musical Preferences):
Younger daters from Gen Z are more likely to discover new music (76%) and prioritise shared musical taste (40% for Gen Z women, 47% for Gen Z men) . Interestingly, music seems to be a bigger conversation starter for younger men with 65% of Gen Z and 62% in the 26-35 age group than women with 25% of Gen Z and 40% from the 26-35 group.
Breaking Up is Hard, But Music Helps
Regardless of age, heartbreak anthems are a go-to for 41% singles. Younger women are more likely to use music as a mood booster during a breakup with 33% Gen Z and 40% in the 26-35 age group confessing the same. While men across the board rely on it more as a coping mechanism especially within the Millenials (47%) and 36+ (50%) age group.
Cheesy Pick-Up Lines? It Works (Sometimes)! 
68% of Indian singles confess using cheesy pick-up lines inspired by songs, and surprisingly, it works! Love songs & smooth moves go hand in hand. Music is a hit as an icebreaker, with 74% using it to initiate conversations. Interestingly, 100% of interviewed young men are more likely to rely on this tactic compared to 33% of the women who prefer other topics. 
Concert Dates: A Hit or Miss?
While quieter venues are generally preferred, 74% of Indian singles are open to attend a music concert for a first date – as long as they like the artist! 100% of interviewed Gen Z women are more receptive to the idea of concert dates while preferences for quieter settings increase with age.
In today's digital dating world, music is more than just background noise. So, don't forget to exchange musical notes while Crushing and unlock the harmony that awaits.