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News |  17 Jun 2024 16:02 |  By RnMTeam

JxW (Jeonghann x Wonwoo) of Seventeen release first single album 'This Man'

MUMBAI: JEONGHAN and WONWOO of SEVENTEEN released their 1st single album THIS MAN along with the cinematic music video for their lead single “Last Night (Guitar by Juwon Park).”

Inspired by the urban legend in which people around the world see the same man in their dreams, THIS MAN reinterprets this story into its own original narrative. Through THIS MAN JxW, the unit that garnered great attention since it was first announced, introduce a new genre to SEVENTEEN’s discography. Composed of 3 tracks, the album features music from diverse genres, stimulating imagination and offering storytelling that invites various interpretations.

The lead single “Last Night (Guitar by Juwon Park)” is a medium-tempo track characterized by its dark and seductive atmosphere, featuring dramatic synths and acoustic guitar melodies from South Korea's renowned gypsy guitarist Juwon Park. Accompanied by JEONGHAN’s sweet and smooth voice and WONWOO’s deep and rough low tones, “Last Night” tells the story of two men who traverse people's dreams in search of what they desire.

The album's two solo tracks also reveal new dimensions of JxW, showcasing their unique and distinct charms. JEONGHAN's solo song, "Beautiful Monster," is a medium-tempo R&B track. It combines a lovely melody and lyrics with comforting vocals, inviting the listener to hum along. WONWOO, known for his intense rap in SEVENTEEN, presents the ballad "Leftover" in the album. The song features a lyrical melody and WONWOO's sensitive vocals with string sounds that intensify towards the end, heightening the emotional impact.

THIS MAN’s release adds to the excitement, coming just ahead of SEVENTEEN’s scheduled visit to Europe next week. The 13 members will attend the official ceremony for their designation as UNESCO’s Goodwill Ambassador for Youth on June 26, at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, France. Following this, they will head to the UK to perform on Glastonbury Festival’s Pyramid Stage on June 28.