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News |  07 May 2024 12:33 |  By RnMTeam

Get ‘Lucky Tonight’ listening to Jeanne Merchant and EPR’s new single!

MUMBAI: With a melody that makes you want to sing along and a music video that exudes themes of luxury and glamour, singer and vocal coach Jeanne Merchant is back with another RnB-pop-rap single “Lucky Tonight”. The track has been expertly produced by Anshuman Sharma and features Calcutta-based rapper EPR Iyer.

Merchant’s vocals are nothing less than effortless on this track as they’ve delivered phrases with tongue-twisting alliteration such as “sick, sick, slick, city kick”. She has also successfully made the song relatable with her descriptive choice of words to communicate “the story of friends enjoying a lavish, carefree night out on the town, driving around, hopping from club to club, and letting loose” as mentioned in a press release for the song.

Phrases such as “plastic float in paradise” aid the listener in visualizing the luxurious level of fun Merchant is discussing in her record. Following the success of her previous releases ‘Round and Round’, ‘Magic’, ‘Hello and Goodbye’, ‘Imperfections’ and Fake Love, which was nominated in the Best Pop Song category at Hungama’s ArtistAloud Music Awards, ‘Lucky Tonight’ has a carefree spirit which resonates even more with listeners.

Apart from her composition and writing of Lucky tonight adding to her arsenal of success, it is also a continuation of a shared vision between producer Anshuman Sharma and Merchant; their collaboration over time has led them to a blend of soulful RnB melodies with electronic instrumentation in the form of releases like ‘Lucky Tonight’. Sharma has been among the first-call producers for releases out of Salim Sulaiman's prestigious Merchant Records (which ‘Lucky Tonight’ has been released under) as well as for Jeanne Merchant herself. EPR Iyer’s verse on this track adds another dimension to it with his powerful vocabulary and the ease of the spoken word delivered by him. He gained a lot of popularity being a judge on the hip-hop reality show ‘MTV Hustle’ where his journey was all about being the voice for the voiceless. He’s created a lot of work which is socio-politically conscious such as his song ‘Naaz Hai’ where he paid tribute to the era-defining journalist Gauri Lankesh.

While his work on ‘Lucky Tonight’ is quite different from the aforementioned, his influences ranging from Tupac Shakur to J. Cole have (perhaps) equipped him to express himself no matter what the story is, and in this case, he has expertly complemented the vocal prowess and quirky intelligent lyrics of Merchant. The music video features engaging on-screen chemistry between EPR and Merchant which has been directed by Tushar Mahajan. It is of no doubt that Jeanne Merchant has released another successful, relatable and catchy single, this time featuring a unique talent like EPR.

‘Lucky Tonight’ is now available to stream on all platforms.