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News |  21 Feb 2024 22:39 |  By Namrata Kale

RJs express deepest condolences to late radio personality Ameen Sayani

MUMBAI: A friendly greeting on Radio Ceylon, "Namaskar bhaiyon aur behno, main aapka dost Ameen Sayani bol raha hoon" (Hello sisters and brothers, this is your friend Ameen Sayani), captured the attention of audiences throughout the Indian Subcontinent. Ameen Sayani was born on December 21, 1932. His remarkable career began in 1952 with Radio Ceylon's Binaca Geetmala and continued for almost 42 years with Vividh Bharati (AIR).

Ameen Sayani's impact extended beyond the airwaves, with over 54,000 radio programs and 19,000 spots/jingles produced, compiled, or spoken for since 1951. He also made notable appearances in films like Bhoot Bungla, Teen Devian, Boxer, and Qatl, portraying the role of an announcer at various events.

Tributes and condolences have been pouring down on social media for legendary radio host Ameen Sayani. Our RJs offered their sincere condolences, recollections, and much more with celebrities and fans.

Check it out below.

RJ Malishka: What a wonderful legacy Ameenji has left behind. That only a voice could be so powerful, so influential, so entertaining and energizing all at the same time inspired many people to want to join the Medium of radio. I’ve met him a few times once during an award show where he received a lifetime award for his contribution to Radio. I deeply thanked him for being the voice of a generation and also for inspiring the next of radio people. He went on to bless me and acknowledge what radio is doing presently. He also encouraged us to carry on the good work with great pride.  I still do thank him. The nature of Life is such that it comes to an end, but I would forever want to celebrate the Man, the legend for when we think radio, we definitely think of Ameen Sayani. May his soul rest in peace and his voice reign on.

RJ Stutee: Ameen Sayani - the OG radio star. The person who became viral at a time when this word did not even mean what it does now. I still remember the first time I told my parents that I want to be an RJ, that I want to speak on the radio, the only name they could come up with from the industry was Ameen Sayani. Such was his fandom. I think I speak on behalf of my fraternity when I say we radio professionals and the medium itself owes so much to him and his charm. His name is synonymous with radio, and he showed all of us the heights one can reach by staying true to one’s craft. So inspiring.

RJ Devangana: In the echo of Ameen Sayani sir's timeless voice, may we find solace in cherished memories and the enduring legacy he leaves behind. His warm 'namaste bhehno bhaiyo' resonates eternally in our hearts, a testament to the profound impact he had on all who had the privilege of hearing him."

I remember meeting ameen Sayani sir on world Radio Day in 2019, as a Radio personality I always had a dream of meeting him and I have been a fan of his voice since childhood. His voice will always stay in our heart forever.

RJ Salil: If Sachin Tendulkar was god for cricket, Leander Paes for tennis, Lata mangeshkar for music .. MF Hussain for art … for us radio jockeys … god gave us Ameen Sayani ji
In an era whn the attention span switches in a moment Ameen ji belonged to a beautiful unfiltered innocent era .. where the magic was in the mannerism and the voice .. where an mm aah was enough for people to get excited and stick to the radio like a magnet .. he ruled the radiowaves .

I had a brief encounter with him at Radio City… all of 88 Ameen ji used to come in once a month to host his show and I would watch spellbound at his command of the medium and language. He was a stickler for discpline …the script , the pen paper had to be neatly positioned and everything had to be perfect .

I remember once how his show was delayed on the clock by two minutes and his son ( being Ameenji's voice ) called up our then CEO Apurva Purohit and gave us a earful …his logic was simple , respect the ears that have given him so much love and theyll love back never take anything for granted .

Thank you Ameen ji for the timeless years .. your legacy is safe amongst each and every radio jockey in India

RJ Faizan: When I thought of becoming a radio jockey and I told my parents about it, the first thing my dad asked me was.. What is a radio jockey and I told him that I was to present a show daily on the radio. The next thing he said was "Ohh!! Like Ameen sayani" .. Me who was from a generation of cable tv said.. 'Yeah whatever'..he told me how in his growing years he loved Binaca Geetmala the show that Ameen Sayani use to do and how he would wait for it and how he saved money and brought a transistor to listen to Ameen Sayani.
Now 17 years later in radio, I still believe the one and og rockstar that radio had in India was this man with a baritone that could give amitji a run for his money and a sing song style that was unique and became sort of a template for the generations of "announcers" to follow.

We might have glamorised it a little bit by calling ourselves radio jockeys but the fan following and the aura that the og rockstar announcer Ameen Sayani has till date is unmatched..

He was he is and will always be the one and true father of radio in India. He might not be with us anymore, but one thing is for sure- legends never die.

Finishing off with a line  from a Lata ji's song to which I m sure Ameen sahab might have played on the radio sometime..

Meri awaaz hi pehchan hai.. Gar yaad rahe..

Rest in peace sayani sahab