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News |  28 Feb 2024 13:35 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Rasika Shekar opens up about musical evolution, authenticity, and upcoming releases

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Rasika Shekar delved into her musical journey, discussing her evolving sound, the importance of authenticity, and her upcoming projects, in an exclusive interview with Radio and Music.

Reflecting on her earlier music releases, Shekar expressed how her sound and style have evolved over the years. She noted a shift towards a more relaxed approach, allowing herself to explore ideas that emotionally excite her without pre-fixed notions.

Embracing a multi-dimensional approach, Shekar described her music as flowing from a broader sound, driven by genuine excitement rather than cerebral concepts. When asked about the significance of authenticity in her artistic journey, Shekar emphasized its paramount importance. She highlighted the joy of staying true to oneself in the process of making music, acknowledging the occasional conflicts and self-doubt that artists may encounter. However, she affirmed that authenticity has consistently brought her satisfaction in her work and resonated with her audience.

Regarding her current projects, Shekar revealed that she is working on crafting three songs that she recently wrote during a residency in Canada. Describing the experience as liberating, she expressed excitement about the diverse musical influences reflected in the upcoming releases. Shekar is thoroughly enjoying the production process and looks forward to sharing her new music with her fans soon.

Stay tuned for Rasika Shekar's upcoming releases, as she continues to captivate audiences with her authentic sound and creative vision.