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News |  10 Feb 2024 16:20 |  By RnMTeam

Multi-platinum singer-songwriter/Guetta-collaborator VASSY drops Supreme LP

MUMBAI :  Australian-bred, LA-based singer-songwriter VASSY is returning to her artistic roots.

Following a decade as one of the premier vocalists in dance music - a vaunted career that has seen her score a 14x certified platinum record for her David Guetta-collaboration “Bad” and a 9x platinum song for her Tiësto-collaboration “Secrets,” and become the first woman ever to win the EDMA Icon Award - VASSY is tracing her steps back to an earlier era of her creative output.

VASSY Live with Tiësto at Ultra Music Festival

Hailing from a small town in Australia, VASSY’s first formative music memory was being kicked out of her primary school’s choir at seven years-old, an experience that kick started her passion for music and ingrained into her an important message she lives by to this day: every rejection is an opportunity for redirection.

VASSY’s journey then continued in her native-country, as she rose through the Sydney music industry and gained local fame through her soulful, grandiose vocal prowess and songwriting skills. But when Sydney started to feel artistically limiting, she took the opportunity to move to New York, where she battled through adversity to become a regular presence in commercials and found her work attached to the trailer for Disney’s smash hit Frozen.

Photo credit: Anna Azarov

Soon enough, she became a staple in the dance music scene and was crowned as the queen of EDM, further proving one thing: even through the bevy of experiences and setbacks that came with moving countries and navigating a male-dominated space, VASSY still came out on top, transforming every missed opportunity into a space for personal and creative growth.

Now, after years spent in the upper echelon of the electronic music industry, VASSY is evolving once again with the release of her new LP, Supreme - a seven-track project that showcases VASSY’s endless versatility and contains a tracklist that ranges from reggaetón heaters to heart-tugging ballads. Stemming from a frustrating bout of creative claustrophobia, Supreme represents a return to the genre-defying, soul sound of VASSY’s earliest material.

Photo credit: Anna Azarov

This creative approach is acutely reflected in tracks such as “Viva La Fiesta,” a party-starting banger. Working within a Latin-influenced framework, “Viva La Fiesta” transcends genre and cultural bounds with its vibrant, horns-infused instrumental and VASSY’s swagger-induced performance - a blend that’s sure to ignite dancefloors around the world.

The rest of Supreme’s tracklist is filled with similarly indelible cuts. The album commences with “Sunshine State of Mind,” a sun-bathed, tropical listening experience. Combining a breezy instrumental with VASSY’s infectious vocal melodies and lyrics, “Sunshine State of Mind” is a perfect, illuminescent tone setter for the rest of the album.

Next up is the album’s title track “Supreme”, a raucous, trap-infused pop smash that incorporates a cathartic hook with trunk-rattling bass and ferocious charisma. After that is “Good Time Roll,” a lively track that seamlessly blends a vintage soul vibe with contemporary electronic music flourishes. And sitting in the center of the LP is “Pursuit of Happiness,” a euphoric, propulsive track with a blazing horn section.

Supreme is then rounded out by the jubilant track “Smiling All Day Long” and the uplifting anthem “Our Moment.”

Exultant, glistening, and above all, contagiously fun, VASSY’s Supreme LP marks a successful return to the artist’s creative origins - a process that has seen the singer-songwriter shed any preconceived notions or baggage. As a result, she’s reminding the world who she really is: a star.