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News |  05 Feb 2024 16:02 |  By RnMTeam

Miley Cyrus wins Grammy, sends the Internet into a frenzy of excitement

MUMBAI: As the illustrious Mariah Carey graciously handed Miley Cyrus her inaugural Grammy award, an outpouring of joy and celebration swept through X. Miley, notching not one but two prestigious Grammys, sent waves of excitement across the platform.

The songstress clinched victories in the esteemed categories of Best Pop Solo Performance and Record of the Year for her enchanting track 'Flowers.' Radiant in a captivating black dress, Miley Cyrus received her first accolade from the iconic Mariah Carey.

In a heartfelt acceptance speech, Cyrus conveyed the profound significance of this win, marking a poignant milestone after dedicating nearly two decades to the dynamic realm of the music industry. As news of Miley's dual triumphs spread, X became the epicenter of jubilant reactions.

Scores of fans flooded the platform, expressing their elation and showering the artist with well-deserved accolades. Many hailed Miley as a 'superstar' and emphasized that this victory was undoubtedly 'well-deserved.'