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News |  21 Sep 2023 17:07 |  By RnMTeam

"Faisal Shaikh, Embarked on a trip down memory lane with Jannat Zubair in 'Long Drive with Mr. Faisu' podcast series, debut episode crosses 5+ million views "

MUMBAI : Faisal Shaikh, the dynamic social media sensation renowned as Mr. Faisu, is proud to unveil his latest creative venture, the captivating podcast series "Long Drive with Mr. Faisu." This exciting podcast promises to be a delightful journey through the lives and stories of some of the most prominent personalities in the entertainment industry. The podcast is immensely loved by the audiences and has already crossed 5 Million + views and counting more.

The premiere episode of "Long Drive with Mr. Faisu" welcomed the incredibly talented actress and long-time friend, Jannat Zubair. What made this episode truly special was the heart-warming reunion of Faisal and Jannat, who shared their first meeting story at Mumbai International Airport. Listeners were transported back in time as the duo revisited the very place where their friendship began, creating a truly nostalgic and memorable moment.

Throughout the episode, Faisal and Jannat shared candid anecdotes about their enduring friendship, reminiscing about the highs and lows of their journeys in the entertainment industry. From their initial struggles to their remarkable achievements, the episode offered a glimpse into the unwavering support and camaraderie that has defined their relationship over the years.

A highlight of the conversation was their shared experience in the popular television show, "Khataraon Ke Khiladi," where they faced thrilling challenges and created lasting memories. Faisal and Jannat also discussed their personal growth, both in their careers and in life, illustrating how far they have come since their initial meeting at the airport.

Faisal Shaikh expressed his excitement about the episode and the podcast series, stating, "In life, we all embark on unique journeys, and sometimes, it's the unexpected encounters that lead to the most extraordinary friendships. It was truly special to have Jannat as the first guest on 'Long Drive with Mr. Faisu.' Our journey from strangers at the airport to where we are today has been incredible, and I'm thrilled to share these moments with our listeners. 'Long Drive with Mr. Faisu' is not just a podcast; it's a testament to the power of connections and the stories that shape our lives. This podcast is all about connecting with our fans and giving them a glimpse into the lives of their favorite celebrities. The first episode of podcast has already crossed 5 million views, and I'm grateful for the incredible support from our audience, I hope our viewers find inspiration in the candid conversations we share, and I'm excited to take them along on this unforgettable ride."

Listeners can expect more entertaining episodes of "Long Drive with Mr. Faisu," with a broad lineup of notable guests from numerous disciplines, including actors, artists, influencers, and others. The second episode featured the well-known Shiv Thakare and is already available on his YouTube channel receiving much love and support from the audiences. Each episode will be a one-of-a-kind blend of entertainment, inspiration, and genuine talks.