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News |  21 Aug 2023 12:44 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Samira Koppikar says new album ‘Sang Baarishon Ke’ was inspired by the nature

MUMBAI: Singer-songwriter Samira Koppikar dropped her new album “Sang Baarishon Ke”.

The album consist of four songs, 'Baat Kya Hai', 'Sang Baarishon Ke', ‘Boondon Ki Saazish’ and ‘Iss Dil Ka'.

Samira is now creating Music for Film Projects, OTT Series, Short Films & also creating her Original Music in the Independent Non-Film Music Space.

During an exclusive interview with Radioandmusic, the singer expresses her thoughts about her album and the feedback’s from the audience. Samira worked on both film projects and independent music, she revealed the differences between the two and which she prefers more.

Check the interview below:

How is it to create your original music in the independent non-film music space? Your experience?

In the independent space, one experiences complete freedom in expression and the extension of one’s own musical vision. What better way than to put together a collective of songs that are unique, with your own storytelling and sound?

Evolution happens when one experiments; that has been the beauty of this creative experience. One reflects on and understands one’s musical strengths and weaknesses. There’s nowhere to hide. My strength is melody and relatable, good lyrics. I’ve been exploring new sounds and discovering my sonic identity through this journey.

Tell us a bit about your album, and how's the response you're getting so far?

The response to the EP has been amazing. People are appreciating the musical and lyrical range. I have vocally tried to push boundaries.

"Baat Kya Hai" is a romantic song about moments when you are perceiving your lover through all your senses, being one with nature. The winds whisper sweet nothings; you can feel the beloved’s presence in the sounds of the sea or a wafting fragrance. It’s a unique and catchy melody, upbeat with a Bossa flavor, and foot-tapping. It draws you in with a catchy, vibrant space. penned beautifully by the talented lyricist Shelle. It features clarinet playing by Shankar Tucker rendered in an unusual fusion style. It’s been interesting to explore a new Sonic realm with this song.

The second song is called "Sang Baarishon Ke." It is special since it is one of the first songs that I’ve written lyrics for. The vivid imagery, the lyrics, and this soulful melody came to me simultaneously. The music is deliberately minimal so as to keep the vocals upfront. The soundscape comprises only acoustic guitars, a live cello, and some ambient elements that give the song an intimate and relatable feel. The song drifts lyrically into a parallel English verse. It’s very different from what one has created and vocally rendered before.

"Boondon ki Saazish" is a song that captures the romance of the monsoons, when one feels like dancing in the rain or going for long drives, taking in countless shades of green. The mood is happy, spontaneous, and groovy, and another song features my lyrics. Musically, a pop song with guitars and an energetic beat driving the lilting melody and vocals

"Iss Dil Ka" is a melancholic song where one is pining for the beloved. The heart is helpless, and so begins a tug of war between the heart and mind. The soulful melody is beautifully complemented by the lyrics by Yash Eshwari. The musical arrangements are soft rock, featuring guitars and an electric solo that has an Indian classical touch, and drum beats that drive the melody of the song. misty monsoon mood for those who can relate to the pain captured by this haunting melody.

Tell us what the idea behind the EP was. How did you conceive the songs?"

Nature is an inspiration for me. I wanted to create something that was inspired by different seasons. This being the monsoon season, a few songs have this mood and flavor. Hence the EP is titled "Sang Baarishon Ke." I have also written lyrics for a couple of the songs; this has been an amazing experience.

Tell us how your journey as a singer-songwriter has been so far. The lessons you have learned

It is beautiful to be able to tell stories through your music and songs. The journey has been one of evolution and reflection. Songs are sometimes a form of catharsis, an expression of broken dreams or relationships. Some songs reflect romance and the varied nuances of relationships. One feels special to be able to make a difference to people and transport them to a different world through one's music.

One needs to keep creating and keep putting out musical content. That's the only way we will explore, experiment, and evolve. It's important to be authentic and not be too affected by what commercials dictate. Yes, bread and butter are important. But we create from the soul. It's important to find a balance.

Can you tell us a little about your journey into music and how you got started as a composer and singer?

Music has been part of my life since a very young age. I had formed a band in college and then went on to sing jingles for advertising. Then I started composing my own music. My first project for a feature film was NH 10, Anushka Sharma’s film directed by Navdeep Singh. There was no turning back after that. I have composed and sung several film and non-film songs, and I find this journey of creating music really satisfying.

You've worked on both film projects and independent music. What are some of the differences between the two, and which do you prefer?

I enjoy both, as they are challenging in their own way. When one is creating for a film, there’s a brief in terms of the film's script, characters, and the filmmaker’s vision that one needs to keep in mind.

Indie music is your own vision. There’s no brief; the topics and musical spaces to explore are endless. It is a space where one can create a unique sonic identity

What message or emotion do you hope to convey to your listeners through your music and lyrics?

Storytelling, capturing varied emotions, and drawing people into one’s sonic world is a vision for one’s music. Lyrics need to be simple and yet relatable. at times poetic and nuanced. Strong melodies that have identity and are timeless stay with their listeners.

Music is a form of catharsis, celebration, or even an escape for the audience.

If one can make a difference with one's music, reach out to a multitude of people, and captivate and transport them to a different space, that’s really something one is striving for!

Can we expect any collaborations or exciting new projects from you in the near future?

Well, there are some interesting collaborations, including a song that I composed for the title track of an upcoming feature film. I’ve featured IP Singh, lead singer of the band Faridkot. There are some non-film collaborations with artists like Anand Bhaskar Collective and Sanam in the making. I’ve composed a very catchy Punjabi song for an upcoming series, and I am planning to feature the Nooran sisters on this track.