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News |  22 Aug 2023 12:51 |  By RnMTeam

Kpop Group ,Vanner Releases Highly Anticipated Album 'Veni Vidi Vici'

MUMBAI : Los Angeles, CA - Idol survival show ‘Peak Time’ winners, VANNER, are set to conquer the music world once again with their latest album, VENI VIDI VICI, out now. Bursting with electrifying energy and a compelling narrative, the album embraces the essence of overcoming adversity and embracing the bright future that lies ahead. With this release, VANNER showcases their fervor and determination as they set out to plant their flag on the summit of success, sailing fearlessly towards their dreams. 'Veni Vidi Vici,' which translates to 'I came, I saw, I conquered!' in Latin, reflects the group's tenacity and ambition.

Consisting of six tracks, VENI VIDI VICI presents a unique facet of VANNER's colorful and novel charm as you listen from start to finish. Focus track 01 “PERFORMER” consists of lyrics that capture the moment of overcoming the dark times and soaring towards the bright future. The song, which member Sungkook participated in the rap making for, dynamically expresses the exhilarating feeling just before standing on a stage filled with an audience. Track 02 “Diamonds” is a pop number filled with bright and cheerful guitar, bass sounds, and a rhythmic drum beat that seamlessly blend together. The lyrics behind 03 “TBH” express feelings of approaching someone you fell in love with at first sight; while 04 “WANT U BACK,” which was written and composed by MONSTA X’S HYUNGWON, conveys the message "There's no one else for you but me, so come back.” 05 “Savior” is a love song for VANNER's fans, and the members participated in writing the lyrics themselves. This song captures the refreshing and warm feeling of being bathed in sunlight, and expresses the profound affection they have for their dedicated fans. Closing out the album with a title track from their 2020 2nd single album LIFE, 06 “FORM” (2023 Ver.) is an exciting new arrangement for their fans.

VENI VIDI VICI comprises of three distinct concepts: ‘Victory Banner,’ which represents the group’s name, ‘Voyage of Dreams,’ which pictures the group’s journey towards their dreams, and ‘Stable Love,’ which shows the group’s love towards their fans. ‘VVS,’ which is VANNER’s fandom name, is hidden in each concept’s subtitle to show the group’s love and gratitude towards their fans who have supported their dreams. ‘VVS’=Very Very Slightly Included, the highest grade of diamond; a Diamond that shines brighter as it becomes stronger by overcoming the pain deep inside.