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News |  10 Jun 2023 12:21 |  By RnMTeam

Eliezer Botzer and Lucky Ali return with a stirring video single shot in Ukraine, from their ongoing global collab project

MUMBAI: Virtuality, is the third release from the ongoing cross-cultural Eli Ali Project that features the renowned Israeli singer Eliezer Botzer and celebrated Indian artist Lucky Ali. The evocative song is accompanied by a stirring music video which was filmed in Ukraine during the war with entirely local crew and talent.

Since the chance discovery of their artistry in 2017, Eliezer Botzer (artist name Botzer) and Lucky Ali’s musical reciprocity has been growing into an entity that strikes both intrigue and awe as the Eli Ali Project.

Under their ongoing collaborative project, the acclaimed Israeli singer-songwriter Botzer along with the Indian singer/actor Ali, has so far released two singles in Hebrew, Hindi/Urdu and English, namely: On My Way (2019) and Amaraya (2021). Both the multi-lingual releases were met with a great response by audiences far and wide.

Written in front of the Dead Sea in Israel, the contemporary folk/roots track Virtuality, lights the way for the project’s defining theme of peace for humanity by finding hope through connection. “The entire Virtuality team symbolises the hope found in true connection. May there be only light and unity in our beautiful world. When virtual reality becomes reality, we call that Virtuality. When virtuality dominates the world, truth has no existence.” Botzer explains.

‘Virtuality, nothing as it seems…’ Both as a friendly hint and a timely alarm, the mellifluous voices of two friends, artists and ‘men of peace’, beseech the listeners to step out from the virtual to real-ity, in the wake of the growing threat of a ‘technological pandemic’.

The track is also close to their hearts as the performances include background vocals of both of their daughters. The song showcases the artistry of over 30 proficient musicians from both countries.

The thought-provoking and cinematic mix-media music video that comments on the perils of the tech-driven times we live in, was shot in Ukraine. The shooting of the video commenced in Ukraine before the war broke out and was completed during the war, which, unfortunately, has not yet ended.

The collaboration between Eliezer Botzer (artist name Botzer) and Lucky Ali can be described in different ways: a connection between India and Israel, between Islam and Judaism, or between East and West. Their songs are a reflection of this dialogue, between two spiritual people who strive to create a reality where the impulse to listen is greater than the need to convince. To a great extent, what brings Botzer and Ali together is their commitment to giving voice to a deep inner truth, without attempting to adapt themselves to the industries in which they exist, or to popular tastes.

“We need to touch the ground again, and seek the light that will eliminate darkness; and reveal truth with love.” is the conclusive message of Virtuality.