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News |  09 Jun 2023 14:21 |  By RnMTeam

Creating With Soul: Using AI to Collaborate and Enhance Human Dreams

MUMBAI: The 8th Sin is a Multi Dimensional project that Explores the Uncharted World of Immortality through Music and AI.

Currently trending and of relevance in this fast changing Hi-tech almost science fiction reality,
The 8th Sin represents a groundbreaking approach to creating art, in which the artist collaborates with artificial intelligence to bring their vision to life. Uzair Merchant, the visionary behind this innovative project, has used AI not as a replacement for human creativity, but as a tool to enhance and build upon his original concept. “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life” - Oscar Wilde.
Unlike many other AI-assisted projects, which rely on forward generative models, Uzair has taken a reverse approach. He fed footage he filmed and directed for the music video, along with his script, storyline, and artwork, into the AI system, which then motion-mapped the content and refined it to near-perfection. This streamlined process, which would normally take weeks, was accomplished in just a few minutes. Using words from a Book, with Art work of his own, fed into AI to help scale the world up. This process finally completed with the music video getting a motion mapping treatment using all that creative input to visually bring the world to life.
Step into a whole new world where culture meets creativity. That's the vision behind KRi8Verse, also known as the Kreativ Universe, launching their second book, soundtrack, and music video. For music enthusiasts everywhere, Uzair Merchant’s latest creation – The 8th Sin – is the ultimate treat. Featuring a mesmerising blend of Arabic and Bollywood musical elements, fused with contemporary hip-hop beats, this soundtrack ignites a whole new era of music.This innovative project is bringing together Arab artists and Bollywood talents for a unique collaboration, all produced in Vancouver by bKREATIV productions and KRi8LABS.
The 8th Sin is more than just a soundtrack; it is a revolutionary musical experience created in collaboration with Saad Al-Suwaidi, Qatari rapper and Abood Afro, Celebrity Host/Actor, two of FIFA World Cup’s Volunteers Ceremony’s performers at Lusail Stadium, Waleed Maisery, Qatar based producer and manager, Shannon K, a famed Indian-American Actor/Musician, daughter of the veteran playback singer Kumar Sanu, making her Hindi film debut with the upcoming film 'Chal Zindagi’ and Uzair Merchant, a filmmaker and one of the first Indian production designers in Hollywood. With credits like Skyfall, Star Trek: Beyond, Fast & Furious 7 and Deadpool 2 and Superman and Lois Tv series are just a few of the blockbusters he has worked on as an art director before moving on to production design in recent years, all while teaching budding creatives in workshops hosted by the New York Film Academy.

As the music video unfolds, and the visuals come to life, audiences are transported to a stunning futuristic realm unlike any other. It also pioneers the use of web3 platforms and creating communities for the people using multiple art forms such as music videos, books, fashion, etc in creating an eco-conscious space that allows artists to keep creating and sharing art within a community.

The music video prioritizes sustainability by eliminating electric sockets, utilizing remote cloud services, and incorporating solar power. These eco-friendly practices minimize energy consumption and promote environmental responsibility.
In a world where division and despair are all too common, Uzair’s artistic vision shines a beacon of hope. Filmed between the rich cultural tapestry of the Middle East in Doha and the glamour of Los Angeles, The 8th Sin music video is an eclectic fusion of the East and West that truly celebrates the beauty of diversity all put together in the heart of Vancouver, Canada. It is a powerful reminder that art can inspire a world that is more inclusive, compassionate and connected. The compelling Kreativ Universe including The 8th Sin music video and an accompanying book with the same title, both adopt a marvel-esque approach to storytelling, delving into cultural expression and social realism. The characters in the story resonate with audiences from all walks of life.
It is Fact and Myth to create fiction. A world that explores the realm of futurism with Diversity and addresses the current global developments in immortality and technology, especially with the current state of affairs that we stand in. It muses on the seven deadly sins and the eighth one, immortality, through the story of a “veteran scientist and operative, Mia, who is forced to come out of hiding in an attempt to rescue her daughter Alex, from an extremist group known as ‘The Family’”. The script, already a winner at the Los Angeles film awards under the Sci-fi screenplay category, is opening a portal into a whole new dimension of fashion, art, music, and a visual experience.

With his previous works, Black Rose, also part of the Kri8verse franchise The 8th Sin, Uzair creates a new dimension of storytelling that bridges art with society. His remarkable talent has garnered critical acclaim and numerous awards, including the Los Angeles Film Award for best screenplay in 2020. With The 8th Sin, Uzair continues to inspire audiences with his unique vision and captivating approach to storytelling.