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News |  06 Jun 2023 12:29 |  By RnMTeam

Visual Artist Toosid(Sid) Transforms artists like Rihanna, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and Beyonce into never-seen-before avatar in viral AI-Generated Video and the Internet cannot stop gushing

MUMBAI: The Artificial Intelligence (AI) fever has gripped artists from India and they are not shying away from flexing their creative muscle! The recent name on the block is Toosid (Sid), an accomplished visual artist known for his groundbreaking AI-generated videos, causing a stir on social media platforms worldwide with his newest release. Reimagining global sensation like Rihanna, Beyonce, Kanye West, Drake and Snoop Dog devouring samosas with a side of chutney in a samosa factory, the pop video has amassed over 3.5M views on Instagram with netizens raving about the hard-to-unsee portrayals.

Toosid’s imaginative and thought-provoking approach has transformed the way we perceive these renowned artists, breaking through the boundaries of traditional art and bringing them to life in unexpected and captivating scenarios. Moreover, the artist is using the power of AI to blur cultural boundaries while fueling fan fantasies and spreading cheer and laughter one video at a time.

From recreating beloved icons into anomalous renditions to pairing unlikely duos like Lady Gaga and Freddie Mercury, Toosid's work has struck a chord with social media users not only in India but across the globe. By seamlessly blending AI technology with his artistic vision, he has created a visual experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant. The power of his art lies in its ability to transcend the conventional barriers, unifying netizens through the shared language of music and visual storytelling. Toosid's work not only pays homage to the global reach and impact of pop culture but also celebrates “Indianness”.

Commenting on the buzz he has ignited online, Toosid said, “I’ve always been extremely kicked about exploring the intersection of art, culture, music and food, backing it with cultural influences from across the world. Through this project, I aimed to create a visual dialogue that is fresh, relatable, relevant and a break from the mundane life. I feel overwhelmed and grateful for the love my work has received. Art has the ability tosimply draw people together and that’s what I love about what I do. By fusing technology and art I have been able to share with my viewers fresh perspectives and at the same time encourage them to explore imaginative possibilities. I hope to continue curating pop art that keep entertaining people and give them a reason to smile.”

As Toosid's impact on social media continues to grow, his work has garnered praise from both art enthusiasts and the music industry. His ability to capture the essence of each artist while infusing it with his own creative lens has received admiration from a diverse range of audience. This increasing recognition is a testament to the power of his art to resonate with people on a deep and emotional level further testifying India’s walk of fame into the AI arena.