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News |  06 Jun 2023 12:18 |  By RnMTeam

‘Pariyon Ki Kahani’ by Yashraj Shaw breaks stereotypes of modern-day dominating relationships.

MUMBAI: Yashraj Shaw brings out his second original song ‘Pariyon Ki Kahani’, a Hindi-Indie-Pop track. The song is about how a person can bring comfort and peace to our lives. Sung, written and featuring the man himself opposite Crystal Middleton, the music video captures the tranquil beauty of Meghalaya, from its villages to the city of Shillong, which adds its distinct charisma to the track. The ambience of the song is cheerful, peppy and content.

It talks about, how the presence of some people or a person, conversations, and listening to them makes you feel it’s nothing less than a fairy tale. The song is a story of a guy who was in his dark phase of life. Later, a girl came into his life and they both certainly became good friends and eventually started liking each other. The girl brought out the best in him and the guy was having the time of his life. She realizes that the guy is about to express his feelings. Even though she liked him, there was a fear of commitment which resulted in an abrupt ending of it.

The guy went back to his dark-old toxic self, though something changed in the process and he snapped out of it thinking about the good times, and at this very moment, he was grateful for what she did for him when he actually needed that support. So, he decides to move on. In the end, they bump into each other but the guy just smiles and walks off and they never met again.

Pariyon Ki Kahani:

Speaking of the reality behind this song, the Artist says, “All my songs are inspired by my stories so is this one. There was a time in my life when I had no idea what I am doing. I was all over the place inside and on the outside. I was just a pretender. A girl entered my life, I showed her the shade of mine and she helped me come out of it effortlessly. Of course, I fell for her and thought she is the one. I sensed she was also into me, but she left me in the dark before things escalated. I again went rogue but, she was always there in my mind with her beautiful memories, I moved on. Just saw her once after that and said thank you with a hug. Hope she is happy wherever she is”

Although the fairy tale does not have a happy ending, it still has a happy ending.