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News |  01 Jun 2023 21:42 |  By RnMTeam

Nova Dairy Honors Dairy Farmers on World Milk Day

MUMBAI: Nova Dairy, one of India's leading providers of high-quality dairy products, joins the global community in honoring dairy farmers on World Milk Day. This annual event recognizes and appreciates the unwavering dedication of dairy farmers all over the world.

World Milk Day, celebrated on June 1st, is an opportunity to highlight the critical role that dairy farmers play in ensuring the availability of wholesome and nutritious milk. Nova Dairy recognizes the steadfast efforts and dedication of these farmers who toil nonstop to supply us with this vital staple.

Nova Dairy salutes dairy farmers for their unwavering dedication to environmentally friendly practices because they are the true keepers of our food supply. These farmers promote a healthier future for everyone by adopting ethical farming practices and placing a high priority on animal welfare and environmental stewardship.

Mr. Sharad Saluja, the Director of Nova Dairy, said, "As we celebrate World Milk Day, we express our sincere gratitude to the dairy farmers who work day and night to bring us the highest quality milk. They truly inspire us with their commitment and passion, and we are honored to be their partner.”

Nova Dairy is dedicated to assisting dairy farmers by paying fair prices for their milk and fostering alliances that advance development, sustainability, and prosperity. Nova Dairy seeks to empower farmers and support the dairy industry's ongoing success through innovation and collaboration.

On this World Milk Day, Nova Dairy pays tribute to the invaluable work of dairy farmers, whose unwavering dedication guarantees that consumers all over the world have access to wholesome dairy products. The success of the dairy industry is largely due to their commitment, and Nova Dairy is committed to assisting them on their path.