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News |  16 Mar 2023 16:21 |  By RnMTeam

Seeking empathy and self acceptance Zachary Ray’s new released album “Unafraid” pirouettes through pop power ballads

MUMBAI: Zachary Ray’s new released album “Unafraid” reckoned sincerely songs that touch on subjects of mental health, finding confidence in who you were called and destined to be, but the music sounds like, the pop singer pretending to be a rich guy with sass in a Tux cruising in
L.A. trying to make sense about life, carving out his lyrics for the songs. With luxe vision for a better selling and at the same time keeping things realistic. Damn good performance throughout the album he surely would have people obsessing.

“Unafraid” is a 10 track album that’s very dear to Zachary as part of finding himself and accepting who he is as a person. It’s an earnest and committed approach that he’s taken while making the album. With the idea of cycles of addiction and depression and fighting your way out, to not letting the society around you lead you down a broken path and rebelling against living a life of mediocrity and living above reproach which may explain the album’s imagery to be matured and fully-grown. Music that’s modern, pop, chic merged with meaningful lyrics the album takes its shape, outgrowing and transcending into a different musical dimension. He opens his heart in the songs from the opening track “Unafraid” to the ending track “Out Of Time” . The album is a synth paradise with drum loops and funky guitar hooks joining in, it’s a rollercoaster.

Talking about the album Zachary said, “I’ve been working on this Album unafraid for almost two years now. It’s definitely a very international project having written and recorded these songs all over the globe; from  Nashville to Seattle and Mumbai, India”. He adds, “I’ve released a few of the songs as singles over the last few months and have a few new unreleased songs. I’ve been working on this project closely with Austin based production company Nelda Studios to collaborate with artists and write and release songs globally that uplift and encourage listeners”. The album even features Shreya Bhattacharya, Nathan Walters & Frntflw.

Almost every song of the album is different and overwhelming, a novel mix. The singer fulfills a promise by presenting something that’s true to his heart, going for pop ballads. Digital beats that could even get you to dance, “Unafraid” leans into a theatrics, faring better the more you keep listening to it.

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