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News |  14 Mar 2023 19:08 |  By RnMTeam

5 ways the Mahindra Percussion Festival is breathing new life into street culture and percussion music

MUMBAI: From the streets of India and across the world come various percussion sounds that are rooted in the cultural fabrics of society. And to celebrate this lively and diverse world of street-style percussion music and culture, the Mahindra Group is bringing forth the Mahindra Percussion Festival at the iconic Jayamahal Palace in Bengaluru on 18th March 2023.

The day-long festival seeks to preserve and promote this art form and street culture, which has always embodied the spirit of freedom from prejudice and nonconformity by bringing it to a wider audience. Here's how the festival is contributing to keep the cultural buzz alive and thriving in the live entertainment industry

A world-class street culture experience

By traversing diverse music genres, all led by percussion beats reverberating in the unexplored corners of local and global streets, the Mahindra Percussion Festival will create a street culture experience unlike any other. In fact, with a massive parade of renowned percussion players kickstarting the festival, it will be the first-of-its-kind platform where distinct facets of street culture and its subcultures meet.

Established and emerging local and global artists sharing the stage

The festival has a line-up of renowned artists, including Ranjit Barot, A. Shivamani (World Percussions), and V. Selvaganesh. Sharing the stage with these legends are the Chemmeen Band, Aattam Kalasamithi, Pulse Conversation ft Gino Banks, Vinayak Pol and Jai Row Kavi and the Ta Dhom Project by Viveick Rajagopalan.

Meanwhile, celebrated global artists like Arto Tunboyacyan and Paquito Gonzalez as part of the Paquito Ensemble ft Spanish guitarist Jose Quevedo "Bolita" and Flamenco dancer Antonia Molina "El Choro" will mesmerise audiences with their captivating performances.

Fostering interesting collaborations across cultures and borders

The festival stage will nurture never-seen-before collaborations between the artists and ensembles beyond Indian shores. And with the remarkable performers bringing their unique creative styles rooted in their respective cultures onstage, it will surely witness the power of music in connecting, uniting and empowering communities across cultures and borders.

Extending beyond just music

The street culture, its subcultures and the power of percussion sounds will also be expressed through the larger-than-life spectacles of art, interactive installations, photo ops and the delectable food at the venue, making the festival an all-around sensorial feast for the attendees.

Starting a mainstream cultural movement

By embodying the ethos of cosmopolitan thinking and liberal attitudes behind the birth of percussion music and ground-breaking artistry, the Mahindra Percussion Festival will bring the essence of street culture to a wider audience, owning the cultural conversation around it and becoming a mainstay of the Indian percussion soundscape.

Mahindra Percussion Festival will reflect the democratised spirit of street culture that resonates with people across India and beyond. So, get ready to immerse yourself in the infectious energy of street-style percussion music and experience the magic of the beats like never before!