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News |  10 Mar 2023 16:03 |  By RnMTeam

Crushing the music scene by envisioning a blossoming artistic future, Shally Rehal's latest "STEP" that features KGB is pulsating, dense and clean

MUMBAI: Crushing the music scene by envisioning a blossoming artistic future, Shally Rehal is floating through the musical dimensions smoothly. Shally Rehal is an indian-canadian singer songwriter blending different sounds from Punjabi Hip Hop and R&B based in Surrey BC. He can run back the sweet-sounding melodies, closing off his creative abilities. Rehal operates on principles that only do him good, by staying grounded and humble. He’s drafted in ideas that sound unique and bright.

STEP is Shally Rehal’s latest single, a defining representation of who he is as an artist. He’s roped in KULTARGOTBOUNCE to help him with the production. Together the duo are a formidable pair, tearing up the musical scene, whipping out classic songs. STEP being their newest work together, definitely glosses up. A song that has an oceanic layer of velvety synths sweeping throughout. Techno pop drum machine that sails over these synth waves. Arpeggiated keys, it’s a song that has synth elements as the mainframe. Shelly’s glossy vocals freewheeling and guiding the song to a pop destination.

Shelly’s music is more modern yet rooted to his childhood inspirations he’s grown up listening to. Versatile in his musical tastes, his inspirations include Drake, J Cole and Chamkila. With KULTARGOTBOUNCE and all the technology at his disposal his music and final products sound dense and refined.

Shortly after he met KULTARGOTBOUNCE who has been executive producing and curating his sound which came together on their first release “Nakhra”. The duo have been watering the musical abilities of each other, growing & setting the bar high

STEP has ripples of modern pop, techno, synth sounds powered with Rehal’s smooth vocals and talented songwriting. The young singer-songwriter has become a force in the Punjabi music scene that won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

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