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News |  21 Feb 2023 13:55 |  By Tolika Yeptho

Every girls dream is having Shreya Ghoshal sing for them, and mine just happened says Saachi Bindra

MUMBAI: Actor Saachi Bindra hits big in the industry very early.

The actor was suggest by Karan Johar and Shashank Khaitan to Director Shauna Gautam for ‘Sohnneyaa' which was sung by Shreya Ghoshal.

Check the interview below:

What were your preparations before going on the sets of 'Sohnneyaa'?

There were a good 3-4 weeks of rehearsals before we shot the song. Also since there was a lot of crying scenes there was a certain kind of mood that had to be kept in mind I’m certain scenes. The graph of my character was a lot and as an actor I thoroughly enjoyed that!

What was the brief given to you by the director before shooting commenced?

Shauna really believed in prepping for the character. She was in-fact there for a lot of our rehearsals and guiding us thorough out. With each scene she just knew what kind of emotion she wanted. Right before shoot she just told me to be myself, feel the moment and it’ll just flow!

Tell us a bit about the song and how was it to Lip sync to Shreya Ghoshal's voice?

Shreya Mam singing my first ever project for me was a dream come true. As an actor I think every girls dream of having her sing for you and I got that so early in my career so I feel extremely lucky and grateful.

It's your first project as an actor, how did it happened? Tell us about your journey as well.

I actually always wanted to be actor so right after my 12th grade I started assisting directing along with graduating. I also started training and working on my craft with various workshops and classes. I’d been auditioning since 5-6 years and about a year ago I started screen testing for a few projects with dharma productions and that’s when Shauna happened to see one of them and called me in for the meeting.

Karan Johar and Shashank Khaitan suggested your name to Director Shauna Gautam for this track, how does it feel to be recognised by the industry stalwarts at the start of your career?

Everyone at Dharma have been so welcoming and supportive. It’s always been a dream to be working with them and happening so early in my career feels like a dream. Being absolutely new to this industry it’s been so overwhelming but all in a good way. I’d been screen testing for a few projects and that’s when this song came along they thought I was the perfect fit for it. Shauna saw a few tapes of mine too and it just happened!