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News |  02 Feb 2023 14:58 |  By RnMTeam

Artium Academy’s new Western Vocals Course will help you find your voice and sing like your fav artist!

This performance-based curriculum, designed and certified by the legendary, Padma Shri Sonu Nigam, is for both, aspiring and trained singers who love to belt out hits from their favourite singing icons!

MUMBAI: If you’ve often emulated your favourite singers like Adele, Ariana Grande, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, and Beyonce, but haven't quite been able to match their vocal prowess, there is good news for you! Online music learning and community platform Artium Academy is offering a unique Western Vocals Course designed and certified by their patron-in-chief Sonu Nigam, for everyone to learn and sing across genres of Western music and perform like a star.

The course, taught by hand-picked and certified teachers, who are performers themselves, is delivered through personalised 1:1 online classes - for students to learn at their convenience and pace. Music learning just got easier and more exciting!

From a simple understanding of song selection to techniques and exercises for achieving pitch & rhythm accuracy to developing your vocal range and singing confidently in front of an audience, this performance-based curriculum is meant to bring out the star in you. Each student is given the understanding and application of various singing styles like Rock, Pop Blues, Ballad, Jazz and more! At the end of the course, a student would be able to bring life to their performance like a professional artist through the right techniques, skills and practice.

“If I have achieved any level of vocal, artistic and performance prowess in my life and career, it's because I have kept my mind and learning instincts open to all international musical colors and influences. Western vocal music, from Classical and Opera to R&B, Jazz and Pop, has taught me how to expand the range, tonal elasticity of my voice and give it a wide vocabulary. I have infused my lifetime of this learning into the Western Vocal Course at Artium, enabling aspirants to explore new dimensions within their voices and musicality.

”said Sonu Nigam, Artium’s Patron in Chief

Specifically crafted for the online medium, the course offers three levels — Preparatory with 12 sessions @INR 1,000 per class; Intermediate with 40 sessions@ INR 1,250 per class; and Advanced with 50 sessions @ INR 1500 per class.

“India is such a diverse demographic. You have the Tier III/IV and beyond population obsessing with Hindi songs and singers but now, we’re also seeing an interest, especially among the youth, to sing in English. Young children today are easily influenced by western pop culture and music and they aspire to sing like their idols. Artium’s new Western Vocals course is for them! It will give each learner the tools and learnings to emulate their favourite artists and develop their own unique voice. We can’t wait to spread the joy of singing through this course,” said Ashish Joshi Founder & CEO, Artium Academy.

Another perk that the students at Artium Academy have is getting an opportunity to perform through Artium Showcase. It is a platform for the students to showcase their musical talent. The journey doesn’t stop after learning, in fact, a new one begins with the Artium Showcase. On the basis of the performance, the students are first selected to perform virtually in front of the academy and their Chief of Pedagogy Mr Ananth Vaidyanathan. The students are then trained before they perform at Artium Showcase, a live online event with a large musical audience in attendance.

All those interested in applying for the course can take a free 1:1 session to understand the learning dynamics and their skill level.

To enroll: visit