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News |  30 Jan 2023 13:02 |  By RnMTeam

The Impact of Online Games on the Music Industry

In recent years, online games and Esports have exploded as an entertainment avenue in their own right. This has played a vital part in the latest music ecology. Online games are reshaping the music industry by ensuring a broader reach, artist exposure, and close connections between the music and gaming communities. Online gaming is consistently growing, with the global market generating 21.1 billion US dollars in revenue in 2020. This will significantly expand the music industry while generating more revenue.

In this article, you'll discover how online games with background music have impacted the music industrya and see examples of how streamers have incorporated background music into their online game streams.

How online games with background music have impacted the music industry

Created opportunities for increased engagement and revenue

A survey found that 42% of generation Z gamers listen to different music as they play, and 34% first hear music in a game and then search for it online to buy or stream. About a quarter wish they could buy music they hear in games or add it to playlists, and almost as many share music suggestions with other gamers online. This recommends opportunities to boost engagement and revenue.

Virtual gaming worlds host large gigs

Over the past few years, live tours have been a primary struggle for record companies and artists. However, concerts in virtual settings have made it possible to host live music events using online gaming platforms and techniques.

Streamers have become the new tastemakers

Live gaming streamers are now becoming music tastemakers, with most of them having a massive influence on many impressionable audiences. This is common for game streamers that don't feature much background music, meaning they'll need music to ensure their broadcast is lively and exciting.

Online streamer playlists deliver downloads

In live casinos, such as the real Indian live casino, streamers are often blaring some music because they recognize that playing games in silence isn't enough to grab an audience's attention, mainly if they're playing a pensive game like blackjack or poker.

The best Esports teams, the best apps, poker websites, and game developers are on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, meaning the playlists their sponsored players select are bound to have many people listening. This may result in many online downloads and big record sales.

There have been many collaborations between streamers and recording artists, and it's expected that more musicians will do everything possible to get their music on the biggest streaming platforms.

Examples of how streamers have incorporated background music into online game streams

Streamers running online game streams often play background music to attract their audience’s attention while increasing revenue. Here’s how streamers have incorporated background music into live online game streams:

Conversation starter

Music is an excellent conversation starter in a stream’s chat section, as followers talk about the recording artists they prefer and make music requests to streamers.

In-game radio stations

In-game radio stations featuring exclusive latest music releases from the best artists to keep entertainment interactive and immersive.

The potential impact of online gaming on the concert and music festival industry

The concert and music festival industry has recently realized they can host events without flying to various countries. This has birthed many online games featuring music and concerts while gaming is ongoing. Such events create opportunities to sell physical and digital merchandise, diversifying the music industry’s revenue streams. With the discovery of the metaverse, gamers may soon start enjoying live stream concerts.

Potential of using music in online games

Most professional songwriters and musicians work with big music acts around the globe, licensing music for online games, including soundtracks in mobile games and video games like Madden NFL, FIFA, and others. This has opened up more revenue streams by creating opportunities for video game music composers and record labels.