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News |  30 Jan 2023 17:02 |  By RnMTeam

Check out details about Somesh Mathur's recently released album MAA

MUMBAI: Somesh Mathur, often respectfully and lovingly called Pandit Somesh Mathur, or simply 'Panditji' is a Global Guru, a Global Icon, and a Maestro, having been in the music business since over 30 years as a Singer, Performer, Composer, Song Writer, Arranger, Music Producer, Mentor, Visionary, Social Reformer, and an Entrepreneur.

The Maestro has been at the forefront of creating new styles and sounds in the Indian and World Music scene, and is a Ground Breaking entertaining artist, whose music and lyrics have always been for a cause which is larger than himself, and is for the betterment of the Human Race, and our Planet Earth, who the Maestro refers to as MOTHER - MAA, and therefore the creation of this Album. Panditji founded the holistic music and culture company SWEETBEATS.

'MOTHER - MAA' is a music album created and produced by the Global Guru, the Global Icon & Maestro, Somesh Mathur, and released by the Record Label, SWEETBEATS®, which is a Global Music & Culture Company, propagating Bhartiye Sanskriti (Indian culture and ethos) the world over, and establishing the new Global Music and Culture Genre (sound & tradition), BHAARAT®, thereby furthering India as a Super Soft-Power, and Indian Folk & Classical Artists as Global Brands. 'MOTHER - MAA' echoes the universal phenomenon and philosophies of our world & our universe, all of which find their origins in Maa Bharati - Mother India. The music & lyrics are expressed through the emotions of a common person (which are *love, anguish, and free noble will*) in 9 Groundbreaking songs, belonging to the new Global Music Genre BHAARAT®, which practices the Foundations of Indian Classical Music to explore various Western Music Genres like Pop, Rock, Art, Folk, Alternative, Jazz-Fusion, Blues, R&B, Trance, Dance, and ofcourse Spiritual-Meditation (from the Vedas & the Upanishads).This is truly Groundbreaking *Cult Pop Music*, with so much variety in song writing, vocal rendition, and music production, yet maintaining the overall mood and theme of the album, pretty much like a Play, or an Opera. Enjoy this beautiful & spiritual, melodic and lyrical ride.