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News |  16 Jan 2023 17:38 |  By RnMTeam

Kesariya Balam - Mame Khan's new song is a Love Ballad!

Rajasthani music has always given the feeling of grandeur, soulfulness and a legacy of musical heritage. 'Kesariya Balam' is an iconic folk song sung by various singers across generations with their unique sense of style.

Globally renowned Rajasthani folk singer Mame Khan has released a new version of the folk song 'Kesariya Balam'. It traditionally signifies the act of welcoming guests and extending hospitality to others. But this version is a love ballad that dictates the heartfelt wish of a wife calling for her husband to return home.

Singer Mame Khan says, "Everyone knows Kesariya Balam as a traditional song inviting or welcoming people, but this version is a love song. It talks about a girl waiting for her lover to return home. We've made this song for the younger audience who will relate to the song while keeping the originality of the music intact."

The video of the song matches every tune and emotion of the song. Shot in the picturesque city of Jaisalmer the video is a visual treat for the eyes. right from the forts to colourful lanes to the arid deserts of Rajasthan.

Kumar Taurani - MD & Chairman of Tips Industries Limited, said, "The thought started when we wanted to create something different with the iconic Rajasthani folk song 'Kesariya Balam'. We wanted to use the essence of the traditional song and infuse it with new age but rooted romance and longing between a newly married couple. Mame Khan's voice brings the perfect flavour of Rajasthan, and the lyrics fill in the rest. From there, everything else was very organic and we are very happy with the final output. Once you listen to our version of the melodic song, you will be hooked and listen to it on repeat."